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The Little Brush That Could

I received a T&H super badger brush (their smallest, least expensive super badger brush) as a gift. The thing is really small, probably 18-20mm knot. For ****s and giggles, I decided to give it a try. I have been using a 22mm knot col. conk pure badger brush. I used to have a Savile Row super badger, but just never fell in love with it. I always got great results with the conk brush, so I've been dedicated to that one for some years.

Well, this t&h brush is awesome! Super luxurious feeling, and whipped up creams and soaps like nobody's business. I was VERY surprised the results were so good. I've never been a 28mm knot guy... those are just too big. But this t&h brush makes my col. conk 22mm knot look big. I think I've found my new brush... small size and all. They retail for $65, so there's certainly bigger brushes you can get for that kind of money... but I'm really happy with this little gem.


They are nice brushes indeed. I have the (very slightly) larger ebony version, and it is a little dynamo. They come up on Ashford now and again at very good prices. I believe theay are made by Vulfix.
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