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The Graveyard!

So far I have used two tubs of Taylor of old Bond St. cremes. One Rose, the other was Almond scented. Good Stuff.

I have recently fallen in love with soaps though.
One tube of Prorasso (lasted about a year and a half)
One tube of KMF lime.
One tube of KMF Lavender
One bottle of clubman. (About 7 months)
Three styptic pencils (that makes me sound really clumsy)
About 50 cans of Edge gel. RIP and burn in hell! oh the real stuff?
tube of proraso
tub of TOBS avacodo
1 puck of pirates cove lime
Items finished this week:

A tube of the US version of Palmolive lather (red) shave cream (discontinued).
A puck of HBS soap.
A bottle of Aqua Velva Musk aftershave.
Several other items about done and finish is pending.

New items started this week:

None. (I've got a *lot* of partials in process.)

-- John Gehman
i can imagine mantic's shave inventory. sort of like the episode where fry learns that due to 1000 years of intrest he's a billionaire and they all go shopping. and bender is in alien overlord and taylor when he get busted stealing and stuff falls out of his sweater for about 2 minutes.


A couple pucks of HoneyBee Soaps
A tub of Vulfix Sandalwood-This I should replace
A tub of Taylors Shaving Shop-The roommate helped with that, but he gave up the canned goo
Still fairly new here but I have finished a puck of Susie Bubbles Coconut/Goatsmilk shave soap that I won for being new here.
Loved it, have ordered more flavours and watching my mailbox in anticipation. Smells great, lathers and shaves nice, did I mention it smells great?

Some stuff that may get sent to the graveyard before its time.

  • Booster Island bay rum A/S. Smells great in the few seconds before it dries, then it doesn't smell at all
  • Proraso Tube shaving cream, I just can't get the hang of using it and it sticks to the razor like paste, although I love the hard soap with a brush.
  • Proraso pre-shave. Feels like Noxema, smells like vicks vapo rub

Jarmo P

Mark, I cannot help but notice you have an Arko stick there ! :eek:
Your wife does not object to that?
I finished up my clubman today.. will pick up a new one tomorrow lol
I am also going to get one of those wash stands with the bowl and pitcher.. not that anyone asked....

1 tube of Speick (I had 5 others waiting in the wings). 1 tub of Proraso soap from the Target era. 5 or so bottles of Aqua Velva (3.5 and 7oz).
The first soap I purchased (prior to AD's) -- Eshave Lavender soap. Liked it but have not replaced it due to the large current inventory in my bathroom.


Stumpy in cold weather
I finished off a bottle of Clubman aftershave the other day. (Plenty more where that came from ... )

I'll doubtless replace this item when my other bottles of it run out too, as it was the aftershave I took with me when I went to the Philippines for a month last year with the lady I recently married. I've used the Clubman only sparingly since ... it stayed in my travel kit ... but whenever I do I am taken back to those great days on vacation.

Doubtless I'll take another bottle with me the NEXT time I go to the Phils. :biggrin:
A bottle of Floris Santal, Tam Dao, a tub of TOBS Sandalwood Cream and a puck of L'Occitane CADE soap.

Hardly a dent considering the other stuff still on the shelf.
RIP one tube of AOS sandalwood cream from the $30-ish (a year ago) starter kit that came with a badger brush, and the balm from that kit is also doing the gasping spits of the almost empty. I'll probably consider getting more someday, but I'm currently working my way through my other full-size products, and a few samples from my B&B and TGQ sampler packs at the moment.
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