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The Graveyard!

1 Proraso Green
1 Proraso Red
1 KMF Unscented
1 Nivea Sensitive Skin ASB
1 Body Shop SC
1 Body Shop For Men Razor Relief ASB

That's it so far. Hmm....after a year+ that's all I've finished? Well in all fairness I have traded and sold a few so I only about 20 products at home in some middle stage of use.:biggrin:
After one year of wet shaving I have managed to finish and replace one bottle of Thayer's Rose WH, great stuff..

I am about half way through a pot of Tabac I opened last Christmas Day..For those of us who can handle the fragrance this soap is hard to beat..

It will take quite a while finish:
HBS Lavender, Spice, Vanilla Oak, C. O. Bigelow Green, Classic Shaving Bay Rum SS

I want to add Speick and Trumper's Rose to this modest list..

Great thread....
After being at this for a couple years now, I don't know if I have completely finished anything off... :crying:

I think the only thing might be a QED stick of Grapefruit & Peppermint. I also have a stick of Pine & Cedarwood where my face scrapes more of the plastic than the soap, so that is about done I guess. I don't ever seem to stick to one product and change it up all the time so everything is partway done.
I recently killed off a bottle of Creed Green Irish Tweed, and before that one I killed a bottle of Diptyique Tam Dao and a bottle of Creed Tabarome Millesime, which I've had for around 4 years. Cost of owner is actually very low compared to the quality products that you receive from these perfumers. Length of wear and excellent nose lend a hand in my EDP - EDT buying decisions. If a cologne doesn't last 5-6 hours on me I won't buy it.

I have kept the bottle for every cologne that I have emptied. It makes for a nice display.
The T&H Ultimate Comfort that I bought as my first cream is the only thing I've actually ran out of.

I didn't buy a new UC, but bought another type of T&H cream (which I haven't gotten around to opening yet).
Hmm to date after a few years there are so few that are completely finished I can actually remember them :blush::

  • 1 Tube Proraso Red
  • 1 Tub SCS Bay Rum W Twist soap
  • 1 Stick QED Sandalwood (time for a tub!)
  • 1 Bowl Trumpers Violet soap
  • Lots of Aqua Velva
  • 1 Bottle Proraso balm
  • 1 Bottle Burts Bees Bay rum aftershave balm
  • 1 Bottle Musgo Real splash
  • 100 Pack Derby blades
Samples and Trades are not counted.
I have used up in the last 8 months:

- One tube of C. O. Bigelow (Proraso) shaving cream
- One tube of C&E Sweet Almond Oil SC
- One tube of C&E Sienna SC

To update:

- One small bottle of Old Spice cologne (part of a gift set; the AS is next)
- One tube of Speick SC (2 more left)

I'm working on "fidelity" right now for razor/blade/soap or cream - 1956 Red Tip SS/Israeli Super-Platinum/Proraso green tub soap. The Proraso is the next shaving (not fragrance) product to be used up, but it's going to take a while.
I'm nowhere near finishing anything yet. Closest I've come is making a fairly noticeable dent in a tub of QED Fresh Lime.
1 puck of L'Occitane soap
1 tob of AOS lemon
1TOBS shave stick
3 bottles of Cage ***
1 bottle of Tabac ***
1 bottle of Thayers Lemon
About 4 tubes Trumpers Rose Cream
1 tube Trumpers Violet cream
1 Tube Taylors Shaving Shop Cream
1 pot Taylors Shaving Shop cream

As you can see I am a bit less adventurous/promiscuous/plain crazy with my products than most of my esteemed colleagues here.

What effect will the global financial meltdown have on AD's and have we started to stockpile in fear of a possible world shortage of Proraso and Erasmic?

Will this be raised in the final presidential debate by McCain or Obama in an attempt to win over undecided wet-shavers?

Does Sarah Palin have a doggone opinion on this?

Time for bed methinks........
While I do finish off some of my supplies, none of it was very memorable.

I do recall in the past couple of years finishing up a couple of pucks of Williams, 3 pucks of Col Conk soap, and a tube of Proraso Green. Also a couple of tubes of Toms of Maine shaving cream. And there was those two tubes of Derby shaving cream that I got during the promo they did here a while back, those are gone too.
About 4 tubes Trumpers Rose Cream

Does Sarah Palin have a doggone opinion on this?


You betcha I do. Up here in Alaska the common folks don't use all that fancy shaving equipment. Just a little bit of seal blubber and a well sharpened hockey skate is what most folks use up here to make themselves decent for church or a good matchup on the ice. Cause it's all about jobs,,, And the economy. And no no no to Barak Obama's taxes.
Just finished a tube of King of Shaves ASC post shave balm. I will be getting another as it's excellent stuff.


Just finished this neat Speick tube. I had totally forgotten this thread. Thanks Dave (scoopster)!
Since January 2007 I have finished -

1 Tub Taylor's Lavender (repurchased)
1 Tub Taylor's ST. James
1 Tub AOS Sandalwood
Items acquired & finished up since Feb. 2007 include:
Tabula Rasa shave cream...(not replenished)
Proraso green shaving cream...(replenished)
Musgo Real shaving cream..(replenished)
B&B shave stick from QED..(replenished)
LaToja shave stick..(replenished)
Mama Bear's Rosemary Mint shave stick..(replenished)
Proraso A/S splash..(replenished)
L'Occitane Cade A/S splash..(replenished)
Alt Innsbruck A/S splash...(replenished)
Castle Forbes Lavender Shave Cream
TOBS Avocado Cream
Cyril Salter Indian Sandalwood Cream
Nancy Boy Cream, one regular, one cucumber
One Tabac Soap (almost 3 years!)
Proraso pre/post
Santa Maria Novella pre/post
Prorasa ASB
Proraso Splash
Floid Italian Splash (small bottle)
Speick Splash
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