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The German OC and SB head razor

I was under the assumption that Ikon Razors came up with the idea of combining an open comb with a safety bar side in a DE razor head. They are given credit for this idea by many contributors here. Their OSS model is a fine shaving tool that receives way above average reviews from members. But it was not the first razor to combine an OC with a SB side in a razor head. In fact, I do not know who was first to do this but with 100+ years of DE shaving it is very difficult to be the first at anything. There has been a lot of razors designed, patented, and produced with a whole lot of experimentation.

Thus it was no surprise to find that Punktal, a German company producing razors from the 1930's in Solingen brought a dual double edge razor to market as their model number 101. The Punktal has uniquely designed thick rounded open combs mated with the more traditional safety bar. And the shave is very nice with an easy to figure out angle with no "pointy" open combs. The rounded combs do make it easier and more comfortable.

I used a new Astra SP blade with Queen Charlotte Basilica cream. That is my favorite combination with any razor as it turns out...after a years worth of experimentation. The razor at 56 grams, is a medium weight, but the head feels heavy as it is solid metal and thick to accommodate the rounded combs. My typical shave is WTG, ATG, and XTG on the neck. Sometimes touch ups around chin, mouth and upper lip. The 101 handled all of this with ease and left a BBS result. The 101 looked brand new and never used. The handle, a hexagon with knurling on the edges, was very comfortable and exactly like other Punktals I have tried. It provided a reassuring grip and one that could be manipulated with ease. All around nice razor from another era. Unfortunately the company is still in business but no longer manufacturing razors. I gave some company history at my review of their slant found here: http://badgerandblade.com/vb/showth...hood-of-Slant-Shavers/page22?highlight=slants

In reviewing the Punktal slant I found that many of the companies doing business in Solingen in the 1930s were using the same heads with handles differentiating their products. The 101 head turns out to be no different. Jake posted a look at his Emir razor this posting which turns out to be almost identical to the Punktal 101. Even the handles in this case are similar with Emir adding a logo and scroll work to the hexagonal handle. They also inscribed the cap, which Punktal did not. Who was responsible for producing the head in this case? Maybe Emir was an upscale Punktal product or they could be an entirely different entity using the same designs. Not at all unusual for 1930s Solingen.

[FONT=&quot]Whatever the case, the 101 is an outstanding razor that delivers a comfortable shave with the added feature of an OC/SB head which it turns out is at least a 70-80 year old idea. [/FONT]

And yet another example comes to light. I am sure there are others as well. Totally convinced Solingen manufacturers shared or bought generic heads for their DE razor offerings. Maybe the art was making straights and the DE razors were used to offer a full range of products and they did not feel the need to develop 100% proprietary products. Or one company had all of these various brand names to appeal to different clientele or so that resellers could have a unique product. Pharmacy's, men's stores and department stores all carried shaving products.

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actually a really nice looking razor there the handle is very nice. the oc side almost (sort of) reminds me of the r41 style scallops instead of the usual longer teeth on many. but wow nice find!!
Recently I came across one of these, with a different handle. It does provide a superb shave. Thanks for this posting. I had searched everywhere I could think of without much success. Several guys on the forums where I've posted about mine have posted other razors that are identical, some with brand names on them, but more than likely just added to the generic razors before being sold.
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