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The Cherry Blossom Ivory

Don't take my word for it . Try it and see . Maybe for some reason i
couldn't get it to work. Also I may be thinking of carving something ( like this piece) and you're thing of something where it just may work. Also. What tools do you plan on using? Regular chisels, Dremel type bits? That makes a difference as well.
I have carved some scales in wood. A rope design and my "samurai sword handle" piece. Wood held enough detail for these carvings , though barely. The other problem then becomes not only sanding them but getting them adequately sealed and then trying to get the finish smooth and not pooling in little nooks and crannies .
The most important thing is to not take anyone's word as a definitive answer . I don't and it has led me to discover that many things CAN be done that those you think would know said "can't be done".
I am a bit pigheaded though. Force of will can make things happen or I'll die trying.

Actually that was my plan. I have some acrylic scraps from other scales that I was thinking of experimenting on. I was going to try with a dremel type tool first. I was wondering how horn is for carving as it is readily available and cheap. I just got a couple pieces of horn for scales as well so I'm sure I'll have some scraps to play with soon.
Oh I've carved horn as well. Just playing but didn't complete any scales. Besides the smell it worked fair enough but I didn't try pushing it. Getting it really clean and then polished would require more work than how far I went. Again, just playing to see what happens. I've since discovered other things I can do with horn that I'll keep under my hat for now but might be cool on the right blade.
See! Go play. You never know what you'll discover and it's more fun than watching TV!
Basic chisels, and dental burr type bits along with diamond cutters.


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