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"The Beach"

This is my second Seinfeld related post. The first about the butter shave. This one is regarding The Beach. Kramer thought that making a cologne that smells like you just got back from the beach would be a good idea. Jerry begrudgingly agreed. I have not seen any shaving soap/cream scents capturing that scent. I have seen a lot of different and unusual scents for soaps but no beach. Anybody?
Master makes one called Ocean Breeze, and Barbasol makes one called Pacific Rush. There are probably others but none of them really smell like a "Beach" to me.
Ive been thinking of this too a lot lately. I would buy so many pucks of anything that smelt like the ocean. not like a candle smell but like the salty brine smell
Not one of the "marine" scents remind me of the beach. None smell like the Atlantic or GOMEX or Mediterranean. I do like the scents, though.
If you want, I can mix some hawaiian tropics into a soap and see what happens :)... I kid

And sweat, salty briny backbeat, some spilled beer, and a subtle undertone of some rotting seaweed/fish at the waterline. You might have something going then
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