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Thayers cucumber?


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I currently have the unscented one and it smells like nothing! It's the first time that I get something marked unscented with a nothing scent! Thayers is awesome!
I have used lavender in the past and it was not bad. I am wondering how the cucumber is.

I use the lavender and the cucumber. Both do what they have to do and do it well imho. However I prefer the lavender scent over the cucumber. When I first used it I felt like I threw some salad dressing on my face. I got use to the scent though and it works well. I don't think I would buy it again. I think I will try the lemon Thayers next. I would buy the lavender when it runs out.
Cucumber is my favorite Thayers product.
I prefer the toner to the astringent (although the astringent lemon is very nice).

The scent of the cucumber is milder than many toners, but is definitely cucumber. I think the cucumber has soothing properties that make it the best Thayers, even if I didn't like the scent best of the bunch.

It's awfully hard to find. I had to special order it from Whole Paycheck and it took them about a month to get it, which surprised the clerk, as she expected it to take 2 days.

Big fan of thayers cucumber. very refreshing to spritz on and has a very pleasant and shortlived scent. Very nice when paired with nancy boy replenishing shave cream :thumbup:
So that's why i never heard of it-you must buy the sampler to know about the cucumber! That'll teach me about jumping with both feet and buying the large size bottles first. Now i've got to find it!!!

There is a tiny grocery store here that carries the cucumber. So far I can only compare it to the rose (which I love). Cucumber is VERY refreshing, and I think follows TOBS avocado nicely. I also use it on my face before bed, and it makes for a very clean, moisturizing way to end a day. Awesome stuff!
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