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Techniques to straight razor shave under chin and neck area.

To get a close shave under my chin, I stretch that skin with thumb and index finger with and clean up pass after going ATG. I shave my neck as normal, but under the chin deserves extra attention since the skin there is much more loose.
Anyone got any tips and tricks for shaving under the chin and neck area with a straight?

Ive always had an issue getting bbs under the chin area with a straight as i can shave upward against the grain.
The blade just wont go through the hair smoothly if i do the “up” movement from neck up to chin.

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Try using the heel of the blade on the chin especially ATG.
Choke up on the blade a little and use a buffing motion. My grip for that area and direction...
(but there is usually more than one way to skin a cat.)

Important to adjust to the contour as you go, foreseeing the change needed. I think this is why buffing helps, letting you adjust in smaller increments.
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Thank you. I started recently with a shavette to test the waters. So far, this is the single best piece of advice I’ve seen, for me. What’s great about B&B is that while no advice will work for everyone, you will find advice that will help you.
It’s hard to describe but in addition to lifting the chin to stretch I also use my off hand to push the skin tight against my throat with my thumb and forefinger. Works well and you have to do it in sections. When I was 20 it was easy to just lift the chin but as The decades piled on the skin is little looser under my chin and needs a little more help getting it taut.

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To shave up ATG under the corner of my chin:
First, I shave my throat so that it will be clean
when it's time to use *my* off hand.
Then I suck my lower lip into my mouth
and close my mouth to clamp my lip in place.
Then I tilt my head back and look down my nose
at the mirror.
And *then* I put the thumb and index finger and middle finger
of my off hand on my Adam's apple
and the skin under my chin becomes tight enough to shave easily.
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