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Tech No. 14 from France

Even though the box says "Made in France" the razor was made in England. Perhaps it was the case, and certainly the price is set for the French market. I think the case must have perfect for the French -- right after WWII in 1948 when this set was made. This was a time when Gillette was resuming its masterful marketing efforts throughout the world.


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Am I correct in my observation that the base plate is aluminum? I just checked Mr. razors website and could not spot another Fat handle Tech with an aluminum base plate. Also have I not seen fat handle Tech's with that Gillette logo on the cap. Any chance it is a frankentech?
Tis a beauty for sure Jake. Remember I am available for adoption....:biggrin1:
Now you've got some classic rarities yourself. Wonder what I can find to trade for your leather cased Toggle for instance. Or maybe we can just join up with those items that our heirs are going to pass on. Thanks Tom!
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