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Taylor's Mr. Sidney

Evening gents. I searched the archives and could find little about this scent from Taylor. Everyone seems to love Shave Shop(count me too), Sandalwood, and Mr. Taylor, but Mr. Sidney seems to be the black sheep of the family. I know Joel has mentioned this one in the past and maybe he could chime in here. Anyone? I'm just looking for a general take on it like whether it's predominantly citrus or woody or a fougere, you get the picture. Thanks.

Regards, Todd
That is the one cologne from their line I haven't tried. No one seems to talk about it, as you mention. Maybe that is telling us something... :confused:
Well Scotto you may be onto something there. This is one I'd definately try decanted first. There are several scents I know I want and I don't want to tie up $30 plus in this one untested. Trouble is, all the Taylor scents sound so fantastic and they are so reasonable compared to the designer shampoo-in-a-cologne-bottle scents out there that I don't really know why I don't just pull the trigger on some of them.

Regards, Todd
Yup, it's somewhere in the Grand Imperial Shave Shack! The stuff was hard to find and I ordered it along with some of the TOOBS deodorants you can not find in the States. I put together an eclectic suite of some Taylor of Ol' BS toiletries. I'll splash some on this PM and report back. I've forgotten what it is like.:001_unsur
Sorry, for some reason I missed this post!

Ok Mr. Sidney.... well, first off I am sure it is not mentioned much, as it is one of the more uncommon scents, it is not available in shaving cream form, and it's name is indescript - meaning #74Limes.... you can kinda guess what the general scent is going to be.... lime.... where as with Sidney's, you are totally guessing.

I took the plunge awhile back and figured i'd give it a go, and by all means it is quite nice stuff.... it just doesn't really "stand out" as anything that superb to my nose at least. It is a mint/menthol like scent... actually it smells incredibly similar to and looks quite like Scope (green) mouthwash. Now that might "sound" negative/bad, but bear with me... it isn't. Think of Mr. Taylors - with some mint/menthol added. It is a nice scent... and pretty original.... it just doesn't do a whole lot for me... at all. I enjoy it, and I wear it from time to time, but I wouldn't outwardly recommend it, or go into a rant about how incredible it is (as I would with Mr. Taylors) but it is nice stuff.

Bottom line.... it's nice, but I'd say pass on it. It isn't popular and widely discussed for a reason :wink:
Thanks Joel. I figured you'd have a take on it. I'll see what Ron's reactions are to it as well. The minty/menthol note would probably be a deal killer for me. I'm not much on that type of note for and A/S or cologne. Thanks fellas.

Regards, Todd
Sorry Todd,
Saturday will be my first chance to ferret out my bottle (plastic no less) of Mr. Sydney. I SHALL REPORT!:a16:
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