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Hello B&B it's Jairo, today I have some great synthetic brushes and other items for sale. Priced to sell shipping is included in the prices CONUS/PAYPAL preferred, pm me. For more pics just request and I'll be happy to take and send them asap.
1.Plisson loccitane 22mm $13.50
2. Razorock: plissoft silvertip 24mm $13.50 and razorock 400 24mm $10
3. Apshaveco: from left to right in the pic silksmoke 24mm, Synbad 28mm, Cashmere 30mm. $13.50 each
4.Apshaveco tuxedo 24mm knot in a golden nib handle $18
5. Some razor handles from left to right Ikon oss $15, WCS brass handle $8, Mr5 $8
6. Razorock game changer .84p barberpole used a few times excellent condition like new. $45 SOLD

Pics synthetic brushes - Google Drive
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RR plissoft Silvertip has sold. 2 items remaining the RR 400 $10 and the apshaveco tuxedo knot on golden nib handle $18
RR 400 Sold, last brush apshavecoTuxedo knot 24mm on black golden nib handle. #4

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