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Sweetgrass Soap?

I used to use a wonderful soap known as "Sweetgrass" or "Indian Sweetgrass".

There was a natural soap company that offered this stuff in long bars that could be cut into smaller chunks.

It was very green in color and was not only sweet, but herbal. I've heard that it combines beautifully with lilac. It has the aroma of newly mown hay.

Wow! I finally found a link to this soap!

Below is the link to the company that sells it. SunFeather Natural Soap Company. Fantastic stuff.


If all else fails, is there any reason why I can't use this soap to shave with? It is completely natural with an olive oil base. You have to experience this fantastic soap to believe it exists. It is the best soap I have ever used in my life. In fact, the fragrance of this soap eventually led me to Musgo Real more than ten years ago.

Does anyone offer this fragrance in a shaving soap/cream?


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