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Superlathers and Waste Soap!

I recently was the victim of a brush buying spree and had a number of brushes that I wanted to put to use quickly. Whether badger or boar, I've discovered the best way to make a new brush feel awesome is to waste soap, and the best way to waste soap is with super lathers. The over abundance of lather combined with bowl lathering really loads and softens a new brush for a shave to the extent that it lathers like an old friend.

This morning I used a new, still scritchey, Simpsons Polo 8 in best with Haslingers, Cremo lavender and TOBS Peppermint in a bowl to create 6 passes worth of thick, yogurt-like, creamy nirvana that turned that new brush into a soft scrub that I did not want to stop using. After my 3 passes I had to lather up again just for the massage, and it was difficult to stop.

I've done this with new boar brushes as well and every time it converts a scratchy lather hog into a delightful kitten of a brush.

As the brush breaks in you can get back to the normal amount of lather, but new brushes of any kind will deliver wonderful results with this method.
Very nice information for noobs like me. I may need to do that with one of my natural hair brushes as I'm not sure if it's broken in or not.


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Thanks for the tip, if I ever splurge on a new brush I may try this method to break it in.
I love wasting soap. I recently bought a 30mm badger brush that could burn through a lick of soft soap in a week if I tried. If I was trying to be frugal I’d own one razor, a tuck of blades, and I’d be 4 years into (ie halfway done) a tin of Pre de Provonce!!
For me, the best reason for a superlather is so that I can finish up a some of my current soaps so I have room in my cabinet to try some new ones.
Super lather is my go-to. I prefer it over just soap, or just cream. plus it's fantastic for breaking in a new brush. I usually will do two or three consecutive latherings before i put a new brush to my face.
This is a must in my den also. It really gets the funk out of brush very quickly. I have a bowl of “more for you” soap from Turkey that’s dedicated to brush break in only. It smells a lot like Arko. I’ll literally load the brush for a minute and let them sit in a huge pile of lather over night. It works amazingly well.
I have a pile of failed soaps and crescent moon leftovers that I use for lather + hot towel prep, and for brush break in. It is on the ledge of a built in sink.
Some years ago I broke in a boar by soaking in a bowl of dish soap and water several hours and then sitting overnight full of shaving soap lather. Amazing transformation, I prefer it to badger.
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