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Is the Silvertip brush hairs as soft as say Shavemacs? I used a Best badger and it was good, but not super soft.
Sam said:
Is the Silvertip brush hairs as soft as say Shavemacs? I used a Best badger and it was good, but not super soft.

Silvertip brush will be softer than best badger.

I took this directly from Shavemac website:

Gray Badger Hair Brushes - machine or handmade.

Pure badger hair - dark gray color - robust, and long-lasting.
For men who have a strong grip and who appreciate a firmer massage effect, this particular brush is ideal. Likewise, those who are new-comers to the art of wet shaving and who would appreciate a relatively inexpensive introduction into the upper class of shaving brushes, can find it in this brush.
Similarly, in contrast to brushes made form artificial of boar hair, this gray badger hair brush retains the special features of all badger hair brushes in that it lathers well, is gentle to the skin and is long lasting.
Long-lasting Shaving Brushes. We aim to emphasize this feature, as an alternative to the
present trend for disposable products.

Finest Bright Badger - machine or handmade

This quality is a small step below Silver Tip. It combine both - a very high quality for a comfortable and smooth shave and a very good quality and price relation.

Special Quality - Silver Tip - handmade.

Only the finest silver tipped badger hair is used to produce this brush. This hair, which comes from the back of the badger, is especially soft and robust. The unique pattern - lightly colored, encompassing a dark band, and with light tips - can be clearly differentiated from the simple gray badger hair. The master brush maker manually binds the hair into an absolutely symmetrical form, thereby removing the necessity for trimming at a later stage. This brush is not only of an exceptionally high quality but is also extremely long lasting.

What is the difference between machine or handmade

1.The machine made brushes are more price economic .
2.The handmade brushes are more densely packed
3.The handmade brushes are not trimmed. The tips of the hairs are unharmed. This makes the brush softer and more durable.


Joe: I just wanted a feel of how the Superior's silvertip bristles FEEL ON THE FACE vs that of Shavemacs. My Chubby 2 in best, the bristles were kinda scrubby, and I love the feel of my dense Shavemac XXL bristles.

The Superior Silvertip is the "softest" brush I have ever used. It does not "suck up" (as you have said) to the face like a Shavemac, but it is a great brush.

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