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Summer soap rotation.

Summer soap rotation.

It is officially summer, and I am switching over to a set of four soaps for my summer rotation.

I will be using.

  • Lather Bros. Summer 305. I used this last summer so it will be brought out from storage.
  • Muhle Sea buckthorn. This is a new soap.
  • Stirling Boat drink/Coconut Lime (samples). New soaps.
  • Dr Harris shaving cream. I have a set of four small travel tubes I bought from Walmart. Windsor, Marlborough, 29, and sandalwood. I bought these to try their different scents. I like Winsor and Marlborough. I didn’t care for 29, I haven’t tried the sandalwood yet.
If I get bored, I will try to use up some of my samples. My Spearhead Seaforth samples are a standout.
My affordable summer soap tips:

The Palmolive shave stick has a fresh summer scent and the mechanical (ie slickness) performance is on par with Arko!

Proraso Green is another refreshing summer shave. The menthol kick will gradually increase with each pass and leave you feeling cool and refreshed.

And finally, everyone should give La Toja a go. It's like a gentle ocean breeze on an early summer morning. Just close your eyes and you will be there. The smell of salty water. Sound of waves upon the shore.
Summer rotation is the same as any other season except I seem to naturally cut back on the Tabac when it's hot.

For those interested Bullgoose is about to release a new run of Asylum Flying Mango. If you're not familiar with the soap it's a LE SV 4.3. Good stuff if SV 4.3 is to your liking.
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I don’t think I have any “winter” soaps at the moment, as most of those scents were in soaps that irritated my face and were retired. So my active collection now is MWF and a pile of Stirling samples including (not sure if limited to)

Electric Sheep
Orange Chill
Iced Pineapple
Eucalyptus Mint
Coconut Lime
Unscented with Beeswax
1. Noble Otter Orbit - My favorite for hot weather due to the cooling and awesome scent. I hope to see an EdP for this one day.

2. Spearhead Seaforth Spiced Lime - Wife’s favorite scent besides Orbit for summer. All around awesome performer as well.

3. Barrister and Mann Cool - Great performance and I love alcohol based splashes. This is a summer scent that my wife has mentioned she loves as well but it fades quick.
I’m officially 3017’ing but will keep a small rotation this summer:
- Penhaligon’s Blenheim Bouquet shaving cream
- Penhaligon’s Bayolea shaving soap
- Acqua di Parma shaving cream
Stirling Coconut Lime

Love at first sniff. Thought I’d miss a mentholated soap this summer but Osage Rub negates those feelings 10x


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Cella is always on the shelf, year round, so while not specifically a "summer" soap, I use it often. In addition, in the summer I use more Proraso green, which I rarely lather up in winter, RazoRock Don Marco, ditto, and then usually a floral Taylor cream. So my current "summer" lineup is

Proraso Green
RazoRock Don Marco
Taylor Lavender cream (but could be rose, peppermint, avocado)
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