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Suggestions for giving my goatee a shape?

Hey. I am growing a long goatee with the help of minoxidil, my goal is to fullfill under lips area (there are alot of new follicles) and to make my beard denser. I shed like crazy last three months because minoxidil (btw. is it normal to lose 50-60 hairs daily only from a goatee area?) so my facial hair aren't looking good actually, anyways I need to style my future beard as fast as possible. I wanna have a big, long and wide (especially the under lip area because my eyes are big & wide set so my face wouldn't look weird) goatee. Any ideas?


Shape? I think it looks good as it is.
To help with shedding and breakage, I'd recommend a good beard oil. And use a quality comb; the cheap plastic combs will rip hair out and shred them.
You should be able to find a lot of beard oil choices locally, and a decent comb will run you less than $10.
Dollar Tree sells a darn good (for the money) military-style boar bristle brush. Walmart also carries a double-sided boar bristle brush with handle for $4.
Biotin pills are inexpensive and effective, as are vitamin E pills. Both are good for hair health.
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Dude, it's pretty metal as is. A little oil a balm to smooth it down maybe? Were it me, I'd pick up a can of Honest Amish wax and find what I like keeping that length.
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Beards are kind of personal decisions, but I'd say go a bit further up the back of the jaw, even if it's just sort of a fade of lighter growth, and trim it to be more angular and... I don't know the word... devilish?

Never heard of using minoxodil on beards, but I guess it couldn't hurt. I'm afraid there really isn't a quick way to get a beard without glue. As far as losing hairs, that isn't uncommon. Beard hairs are a bit more like eyebrow hairs. They grow to a certain length and then fall out and start over. It's pretty rare that anyone can grow a beard all the way down to their bellybutton, and even when they do, it's only the few stringy hairs that won't quit that make it that long.


A good brush or comb always helps. I have a goatee, nowhere near as long or full as yours, and I use beard oil on it every day. It helps keep it "in line". Lots of choices out there for beard oil. Search the threads on B&B. Your beard/style looks good as is in my opinion.
Beware of minoxidil. One of my friends used minoxidil for (head) hair loss and it gave him blurred vision and dizziness. One day, he keeled over at work and the paramedics found that his blood pressure had dropped dangerously low. Up to that point, he had normal blood pressure and no other medical issues.

Turns out that minoxidil was originally marketed as an anti-hypertensive drug to treat high blood pressure. One of the side effects was stimulating hair growth, so Upjohn/Pfizer shifted the marketing to cash in on alopecia (hair loss) sufferers.

If you already have hypotension (low blood pressure) or another medical condition, then using minoxidil might be even more dangerous. A sudden large drop in blood pressure can cause brain damage, for example.

I noticed that a couple of shaving-related sites mention minoxidil use for beard growth. Here's the blurb from Fendrihan's website:

We do not recommend Minoxidil

If you’ve been researching ways to help your patchy beard, chances are you’ve come across recommendations for Minoxidil. This product was developed to treat high blood pressure, but during the testing phase they discovered it stimulated hair growth. However, the fact is this product was not developed for hair growth and can have side effects. If you use Minoxidil you could experience a sudden loss of blood pressure, which is what it was developed to do, and if you’ve had no blood pressure issues in the past, this can cause real problems. Our advice: steer clear of Minoxidil and try natural remedies instead.