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I tried the Firme today. Nice strong hold to it and I don't find it to be too crispy. I'd say it's less crispy than Shiner Gold. Same great smell as the original. I just don't think this pomade is for me, as it's not required to have such a firm hold for short cuts. It would probably work well for those with longer cuts, but I have no way to confirm this. It appears to live up to its claims, however, it just doesn't suit my hair and is just what I would consider "overkill" for a fade style cut. I'm sure it would be safe to say this has its place as a quality/affordable heavy holding pomade in somebody's arsenal if they are looking for/actually require one.

Found Suavecito (regular hold ) last week and it has instantly moved to my favourite water based pomade. I had been using Woodys and Imperial fiber. The original hold is perfect for me, and my hair always styles the way I want it to without being crisp or hard. The scent is not overpowering but awesome at the same time. Kind of a fresh meets cologne meets modern scent. I love this stuff.
I have the Firme. I used to use it to wax my handlebar mustache and I now use it on my hair. The scent is classic and masculine, but I find it a little difficult to style correctly (both hair and mustache). It is the only water-based pomade I've ever used. It only becomes crispy if you use too much. I have the best results with it when I towel dry my hair and then let it air dry until only a little damp before using.
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