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My Suavecito order has finally completed it's long journey to The Great White North!! I'm very excited to get home and try everything out. I figured I'd make the order worth it, so I pretty well went "all out"..

Hair Products:
Firme pomade
Original pomade
Grooming Spray

Shaving Products:
Pre-shave formula
Shave cream
Bay Rum aftershave
Menthol Vanishing cream

Suavecito T-shirt with their "Suavecito" in a format that is reminiscent of Subhumans (UK) band logo.

Keep us posted. I was hesitant to order it, as I read that is gives one "crispy helmet hair".
Suavecito Firme is my go to pomade. It can get a bit crispy depending on how much you use, but nothing like hair gel. The scent is awesome. I like it so much I wish they made a cologne. The scent also lasts throughout the day along with the hold.
Keep us posted. I was hesitant to order it, as I read that is gives one "crispy helmet hair".
It did for me, I have a half a tub sitting cause once I tried Layrite and Uppercut I never went back to Suavecito. If you want a good water based those would be my two recommendations.
I'll remind others this is a thread about Suavecito. I own Layrite (a fine pomade) as well as other fine pomades, but please keep it on the rails, gentlemen. Lots of great products out there, however, this is intended as a review for their full line of products and not limited to that one tub that's just laying around collecting dust because you prefer something different. Please remember, one man's trash is another man's treasure, or more commonly known on this board as "YMMV". That's all I ask. Thanks.
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So here's an update.. Suavecito smells incredibly good! Last night I used the Grooming Spray and it works like it should. Goes on like a pump hairspray, but isn't crunchy like hairspray. There is some noticeable crunch, but it's not horrible or anything. It provides a nice and light hold, with shorter cuts, when you're just looking to keep things in place and don't have time/don't care to slick and shine. Again, fantastic scent!

This morning I used their Original hold pomade. Solid performer in the medium hold/ medium-higher shine pomade department. A reasonably firm enough hold, with no crunch, for shorter hairstyles like a fade or similar cut. As said, I expect the Firme to perform differently and for it to yield the "crispy" effect.

I battled with snow storm here this AM, so my daily shave will be an evening one. Looking forward to trying their shaving line. I will say they all smell very nice for now.
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I have been using the Brilliantcreme this week as I was short on time to slick and shine.

I think the Brilliantcreme works better when I just run my fingers through and go. It doesn't hold well enough to take the time to comb it. Good for that tossed look.

My only two negatives on the product.

It can leave your hair feeling a little greasy where other "leave in conditioners" usually stay light. But that's why Brilliantcreme styles better for me as well.

It doesn't smell like the pomade:( I love the scent of the pomade and wish this shared it.

I only use 2 pumps of the product and have very thick hair.
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Thanks for the heads up on greasiness and brief review of the Brilliantcreme! :thumbup1: I'll probably be able to manage with a pump or less by the sounds of it. I don't have very thick hair and it's only required on the top, as I'm a full-time #1 fade kinda guy. Looking forward to using it, as I like other options than pomades from time to time. Hope I like it!
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Suavecito Firme was my go-to when I had long hair, and later for holding a tall Mohawk. Yeah, it can get pretty crunchy, but that was kind of what was needed at the time. Love the smell; I wish so dearly I could find a cologne that smelled like that.


B&B's Man in Italy
Keep us posted. I was hesitant to order it, as I read that is gives one "crispy helmet hair".
Sir, as most water based pomades with Strong Hold it tends to harden up, but you won't get a "crispy helmet hair" unless you use a ton of it. I think Suavecito is a good barbershop type pomade.

I have currently sampled 7/8 of the hair & shave products listed. I have yet to try the Firme pomade. I wouldn't say that I'm reluctant or hesitant on trying it, it's more so that I don't anticipate that it is geared for my hair type/style. I will try it this weekend, however.


Of the 3 hair products I've sampled, I'd say Suavecito is 3 for 3, so far. They all smell great and work very well. I wouldn't say they're "the best ever", but I do think they belong on the top shelf along with other quality hair products out there. I used the Brilliantcreme this morning and I have to say this is a great hair cream. I have used Trumper hair creams, that typically get crispy like a hair gel. The Suavecito cream doesn't get crispy at all. It's, as described above, slightly greasy. I used approximated 3/4 of a pump this morning and my hair feels very soft and the hold is very loose, but is still enough to keep my main managed. The cream leaves a "healthy" natural looking sheen to your hair. I would rate this as a classic style cream that works exactly how a hair cream should. I see myself using this quite often. Brilliantcreme does not smell like their pomade, but it does have it's own unique and very appealing scent.


Pre-shave formula - Nothing amazing to say here. It's a good smelling pre-shave treatment that (honestly) I couldn't tell if it works or not. The final results of my shave were nick free with no redness, but I'm not sure if that credit goes to the formula or not. Suavecito claims this can be used on it's own, or with a shave cream. The formula comes with their shave gear kit that was a bargain at under $30USD, so I bit at the deal.

Cream - Excellent soft shaving cream! Large 8oz. container. Smells wonderful and has a great cooling effect when applied and throughout the entirety of the shave. You can use a brush or just your fingers to apply. No lathering required really. Goes on thick & slick and provides good coverage with only a small amount used. The invigorating scent is hard to describe.... It's unique for certain. It's mentholated & minty but it's also somewhat powdery with notes of tea tree or something I can't put my finger on.

Menthol Vanishing Cream - An aftershave treatment. A very lush and creamy aftershave treatment. Provided me with a soothing and cooling relief when applied. Scent is menthol and minty. Not much other to say, at this point, as I applied their Bay Rum two minutes later..

Bay Rum - Classic! Very inexpensive! Effective and has a great feeling burn to it. The burn isn't as intense as VIBR or a mistakenly unshaken bottled of Ogallala. I just think it's nice and that it meets all that I require in a bay rum aftershave. Fragrance lingers, but it isn't a cologne. In my experience with bay rum, this truly echoes the intentions of the ever classic aftershave. The price and performance tells me I will be buying this again.

So, of the 7 out of 8 products I've tried (and will be definitely trying all of them again), I will say this.... "Old School!!". In a great way! This company hits the nail on the head, in my books. 8oz of shaving cream, 8oz. of Vanishing aftershave cream, 30ml pre-shave & 4oz. of Bay Rum all for under $30?!!! Two 4oz. tubs of pomade, 8oz. of Brilliantcreme hair cream and 8oz of Grooming Spray all for pennies over $45?!!! Just you try and match or beat that value... And they're all good quality!

So with all that said, I realize I went on a slight tangent with the shave gear reviews.... Being a forum for hair and grooming, I apologize for that! I'm just really impressed with all they have to offer. The hair care products are like Marco said, "barbershop" quality. I like that and Suavecito hair products are gladly added to my arsenal. A real winner in the "bang for your buck" department. Don't let the low cost fool you though, everything listed is "affordable" and not "cheap".

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Very nice review. I like all the Suavecito products as well. The price points are also pretty easy on the pocket book.
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