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Styptic pen use

My HD came in today, so I took tried my first wet shave. It was rather uneventful, enough so that on the sides of my face I am not sure if the blade was even cutting the hair. I will have to work on the angle. I did manage to cut up my chin a little bit, so I grabbed the styptic pen. I picked it up, and realized I have no idea how to use it. Do you just hold it against the bleeding? It was very confusing. With the exception of that and dropping my shaving bowl and leaving it is a lot of pieces, it was a good first shave.
First and formost try to relax. It sounds like you were rather tense while shaving.

If you see any weepers or nicks after you've finished shaving and rinsed your face with cool water, wet your styptic pencil under cold water and hold it against any bloodspots for a few seconds. You should feel a slight burning sensation for a few seconds. After being sure the bleeding is stopped rinse the pencil under cold water and set aside to dry.

If you have time, study all of manics videos. They're educational and entertaining. Over time your technique will improve and you'll soon be getting BBS shaves.
Just get a drop of clean water on the tip of the styptic pencil to moisten it, then apply it directly to the cut. Then try to avoid wiping or rinsing the cut for a minute or so.

Congrats on the first shave!!

+1 on the advice for using the styptic.

Just make sure you only wet the tip, then "pat" it dry before putting it away. If you put it away wet, you will find yourself with a melted lump.

Thanks guys. I have watched the videos more times than I can count. I was really surprised at how small and heavy the razor is. So far I love it!
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