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Strop find. Any good?

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Bought this one online.
Sellers claims it to be from the 50-60ies.
I’m planning to restore it to its former glory and use it again.
What do you think?
Does anybody recognise the make or brand?
I don't really know enough about it to comment but it may depend on how dried out the leather is. I know I've read some posts about restoring an old strop. Maybe a quick search will get you some answers. From a quick glance it appears to be in pretty good shape but again I'm no expert when it comes to this.

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Doesn't look worth the bother. If it were a family heirloom, maybe worth a try, but not a fleabay find, no. YMMV.
It arrived today. First glance it’s well used and dirty but it isn’t dried out.
It’s a Hoffritz for Cutlery, New York.
Still needs some work but I don’t mind a bit of elbow grease.
Managed to superglue the big nick and will sand the edges a bit.
Gave it a bit of leathercream and polishing and it already is beginning to shine.
For a first vintage strop I’m pretty happy with it.
May check with a horse tack (riding accessories) shop to restitch the leather. Or a saddle shop. Oxi-clean on the linen and oil the leather. Good as new.
If your going to clean and condition the leather, the only way to go is with LEXOL.

Leather Care Kit 8 oz | Lexol

DO NOT use saddle soap as it will dry the leather out even more and oil is a band-aid solution that can go very wrong, quickly.

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Hope it cleans up well!
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