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Strop-back hones

Does anyone know about vintage strip back hones? How to care for and use the Hone side? Mine is cracked but enough room for a x pass. Don't know if it needs lapping, or if water or lather are needed since it's got the leather side as well.
It's a brown hone with horse hide str IMG_20191201_170903329.jpg IMG_20191201_170930045.jpg IMG_20191201_170903329.jpg IMG_20191201_170930045.jpg IMG_20191201_170914777.jpg IMG_20191201_170903329.jpg IMG_20191201_170930045.jpg IMG_20191201_170914777.jpg op


Looks like you have the instructions. If you could scan them and post them, they could make for an interesting read. The photos are pretty blurry, but that hone looks pretty big for a barber's hone. Can't really tell the condition of the strop or the hone surfaces from the photos, but if they were in decent shape, you could pry off the leather and mount it on a board cut to size and lined with felt, or something like that to obtain some convexity, and separate the larger piece of the hone and just use it. But in the end, it may be more trouble than it's worth.
Strop Back hones were a great idea but unfortunately I have not seen one that is actually a decent hone.
I use one for knives, both the hone and strop.
Works pretty good.


I've tried a few, none were any good (hone-side). And I personally dislike paddle strops, so the were doubly useless for me.