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straightening horn scales?

Well I am almost done with a nice Sheffield wedge I have been restoring. There is one issue though. One of the two original horn scales has a slight bow which is causig the blade to slide along the inside of the opposite scale when closing. I would love to keep the scales as, this issue outstanding, they are in great shape. Does anyone have any tips for this or am I SOL?
What I usually do is disassemble them and give them a soak in hot water. Then I lay them on the top of my tablesaw (which I know to be solid and flat, but you could use whatever surface you want) and cover them with a piece of wood with an small anvil on top. Once they cool and dry they are ready for cleaning, polishing and reassembly.

I wouldn't try to soften them in place because, unless you brace them everywhere, they'll want to twist and bend. You may end up making them worse.