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Straight Razor Montreal

Hmmmm, not really ... I mean you can go to Vasco Cigars on St-Cath but why would you with our amazing online shops: Fendrihan, Italian Barber. Both also ship super fast !!!
Totally agree what the guy above me said. Fendrihan has great prices for some razors if you are just starting out. I got my First razor there which was Wapi. I bought two more razors off ebay from a seller by the name of goodtann. His is based in Oakville Ontario and Fendrihan recommended me to him for honing. To me he knows what he is talking about. You should try to an check him out.


Check it out.


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I heard of Vasco but is apparently overpriced... Other than that, online would be the way. I think the Centre du Rasoir has some but I'm unsure of their prices... I would suggest to look here to know where to go: http://wiki.badgerandblade.com/index.php/Canada_Shopping_and_Suppliers

I also have a straight with Montreal stamped on it but no, It's not for sale! :biggrin:

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"To Wiki or Not To Wiki, That's The Question".
Just made the order for a DOVO professionally honed classic 6/8 Black straight razor! Cant wait to get it!

I forgot to order stropping paste though, is that easy to find around?

You won't need a stropping paste... Just yet... I don't use it at all myself. As long as you have a strop, you will be fine for a while. Any Canadian vendor that sell straights should sell pastes. Don't forget that you need a strop for every day and a different strop for the paste...
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