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Buying straight razor supplies

What are some good places to buy straight razor supplies? I used to buy from Straight Razor Designs but it seems they've gone out of business. What are some other reputable suppliers that I could use to purchase strops, shave soap, and the like?

I would also love to know where to buy restorations supplies such as horn scales, pins, washers, etc.

If you scroll down the forum list, there is a B&B vendor stores section that lists all the vendors related to the forum. They are all reputable as far as I'm aware. I've ordered from a few of them, personally.
Pin stock you can usually find in a craft or hobby store (or online, I'm sure). Microfasteners has been my go to for washers of various kinds.
I'm only a beginner with a SR, but I was able to get a bowl, brush, shaving soap and a strop through Walmart, online. And, when I decided to try a pre-shave oil and home made aftershave, using recipes I found, Walmart had everything I needed. I'm sure that you could say the same about other big department store chains or even Amazon. Just go to the website for whichever one you like and search for what you need. You may not get the top of the line supplies, but you should be able to get something that will do the job.
I get all of my stuff from "The Classic Edge".
They are located in Canada, stock everything I need and are knowledgeable and easy to deal with.
Check the WIKI and Sticky Threads (first threads on restoration forums) on this and other shaving sites, some have very detailed restoration, how to and where to buy information.

Texas knife, Castwells for polishing, Micro Fasteners for washers for pinning. AJ Kennedy, eBay for pinning supplies and custom collars. Masecraft for scale material. eBay for horn.
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