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Status of L’Occitane Cade Cream?

I purchased a tube of this while on vacation. (The tube says “rich” also.)

I’m trying to piece together the history of this cream. Is there an older version that was discontinued? I see there may have been a jar labeled “rich” in the past. Basically I need a history lesson on this cream and its variants. I’ve scoured various sources and I’m no worse for wear.

I have had one shave with this. It was not stellar but better than mediocre. I will use it over time but I don’t think I’ll be in a rush.

I’ve got a tube of Speick staring at me that is way better all around.


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I haven´t been on wetshaving for long, but I remember using the "Rich" cream on a tub, and the performance was better that the tube. Then it disappeared from the stores. Recently I bought online a tube of cream and I recieved one of the old package stock, so I haven´t tried the ones with the new packaging (the one you show) to determine if the formula have changed (like the awful soap that they sell nowadays).
Hopefully someone with more knowledge can illustrate us about it.

The old Cade shaving cream used to be sold only as a tube and was a particularly poor product that was universally disliked.

A few years back, they finally changed the formulation and introduced the ‘rich’ cream in a glass jar that you refer to and a new cream in a tube. While both were acceptable, they were not remarkable

Considering price and performance, they did not make the grade in the long run and dropped out of my rotation a long time ago.

What Cade offers nowadays as a shaving cream, I do not know.

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I just had shave 2 with this. Again, it provides a serviceable shave. The protection is about a 7/10 and it is about an 8/10 on slickness. What is most disappointing is the scent, in that I smell almost nothing. Perhaps some would prefer the almost nonexistent scent, but I was hoping to catch more of that signature Cade scent.

This is definitely not worth the 29.99 USD. It just doesn’t stand out to me. Perhaps with more usage I will get better with lathering it, but honestly life is too short and I’ve got about 20 other creams that are better performers at a better value. YMMV
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