Stainless steel wire

Discussion in 'The Vapors' started by Yojimbo, Dec 6, 2015.

  1. Just got some 316L stainless steel wire in 32, 28, and, 24 gauges. Spun up some clapton wire on the 32g on the 28g, wrapped a couple of coils and threw them in my Petri 1.5 clone. Flavor is so much cleaner compared to kanthal!
    I have a DIY sour strawberry watermelon that is my ADV, and it has never tasted any better than this. I also wick with cellucotton so that helps as well. I seriously recommend this stuff! Anyone else out there try it yet?
  2. Prof. Moriarty

    Prof. Moriarty Contributor

    I have tried it as my a tank I got (Vengeance by Council of Vapor) uses them. Saw no major difference to Kanthal for me
  3. Interesting. The best way I can describe my experience with it is that the vape tastes much cleaner. I had the same experience with titanium, but I ran out of it and switched back to kanthal. Stainless tastes even cleaner to me than titanium and will be my choice for wire until I find out it kills me. ;)

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