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St Charles Shaving Soaps

Guys for the past few months I have been working with a lady named Sue Moore who with my testing has made a shaving soap that is in my opinion fantastic. She also has an excellent aftershave that she named after me. I didn't ask her to, it was Sues' idea. This aftershave isn't for the weak at heart. This stuff is the kind that will give you that tingle when first applied and then it cools like a block of ice. I love it. Finally she has a fragrance called NEW SPICE. Guys I am an over weigh, bald headed, old fart of 58 and I get hotties complimenting me about how good I smell. I have been married 36 years and NEW SPICE makes my wife take notice to say it nicely. You have to try NEW SPICE. Sue will refund your money if you don't like any of her products. Please take a look at her site and try her shaving stuff you won't be sorry.



Tony Espo
Tony, looks very interesting. I may have to order some. Please give us a review under the review section.

Tony, am I seeing things or are these the best prices ever?

Definitely bookmarking this site. :smile:

I personally love the WARNING.

WARNING: This fragrance may attract an over-abundance of female attention. Wear 'New Spice' everyday for one week; If this fragrance evokes no positive female response, I will refund your purchase price (less shipping).

So Tony, it's time to spill the beans about these products. Let's hear it.
I emailed Sue to get a better description of the soaps she is offering. Her reply is listed below:


Citrus Pie – Refreshing citrus with hints of cream and vanilla.

Ginger Lime - Clean and fresh lime with a zest of spicy ginger.

Bay Rum - The woody fragrance of aged rum and bay leaves.

Citrus Basil - The fragrance of fresh citrus, cooled with a subtle
amount of basil.

Soft Bergamot – The sweet lemon pepper of bergamot blended with fruits
and wood.

New Spice -Sweet fruits, wood, lavender and caramel with just a hint of

Sandalwood – Almond fragrances are well, Sandalwood and Almond.

I hope this helps!

Thanks for the info Randy. The site definitely does seem to be a little light on product descriptions.

roughrider said:
Tony, am I seeing things or are these the best prices ever?

I'm with you. I decided to take one for the team since the prices are so cheap. I ordered some Citrus Basil shaving soap (with the bowl for kicks), some of Tony's Choice AS, and some New Spice. After shipping, the total was 25.90. I'll let you know what I think of them once they come. Hopefully Tony turned us on to an insane find. :biggrin:

It'll take a little while though, since it's paypal and I had to use my bank account instead of my credit card (long story, but not that long).

Guys, I prepared this email so if anyone wants more info from me, as Sue posted my email address on her products page, I would have this email ready to send out. I would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

My email follows:

Hello fellow wet shavers. I want to start this
endorsement by saying that I am not related to Sue
or anyone in her family in any way. I receive NO
monetary compensation from her. During the testing
I got free shaving soap to test and aftershave and a
couple of bottles of NEW SPICE.

That said, here is how this all started. I bought
some of Sue's regular bath soap on Ebay. It
smelled so good and lathered so well I reordered. After
my second order I inquired about Sue making a shaving
soap. That idea got her interested and the wheels
went in motion. After many, many emails Sue had
the first 8 samples. She sent me a package with 8
small cakes of soap. They were marked 1 to 8 and that
is all I knew about them. I decided to use a very
inexpensive Badger hair brush for the testing. I
used a $10 Tweezerman brush I bought on Eaby. I did
this for two reasons. One I wanted to see how well the
soap would lather with an inexpensive brush and
two I didn't want to wear out my Kent Best Badger if the
soap wasn't any good. I used a Gillette 1-9 DE
with Merkur blade. This is the razor and blade
combination I use most of the time anyway. I left the blade
setting on 4 for the complete testing. Each day I
would try a soap and email Sue my findings. Not
enough lather, dries to fast, no smell, no lube,
finally, WOW lathers well, BUT it needs more smell
and more lube. After package two and three and
finally four, Sue was sending me some really GREAT soap.
Sue's shaving soap is the best bar soap I have
ever used. It beats the high price English soaps that
start with a "T" . It puts Caswell Massey to
shame. It is in my mind a perfect combination of easy
lather, great lube, stays wet, smells great ( try the
Almond )it is my favorite shaving soap. You have nothing
to lose because if you don't like it, Sue will refund
your money. I do have to give you this one WARNING!
If you're like me and have SCAD, Sue's soap may
cure you. You may find that you use Sue's soap daily
and the others just collect dust. Sorry but it's
true. I shave with Sue's soap almost every day now.
Sorry Taylor's, you're not my favorite anymore.

If you want the details about her Aftershave "
Tony's Choice " email me and I will give you the full
scoop on that also.

Finally guys if you don't try her NEW SPICE cologne
you are missing out on some great stuff. I have
been married for 36 years and my wife took notice when
I started using NEW SPICE. I get complimented and
asked what fragrance I am wearing at the check out
counter. I went to the doctor and the nurse taking my blood
pressure said WOW you smell so good. I don't know
what is in NEW SPICE but women LIKE IT, a lot.
Guys if you wear NEW SPICE, please practice safe sex.
Enough said!!

Have a great day,
Tony Esposito
well I ordered some last night....I got the new spice soap with the tony special and cologne...

is this product autographed by you, Tony ???


looking forward to trying it and yes the price with a wooden bowl is a bargain....

you BlogBoy will be upset with us again, becasue someone else discovered something very good and had some input into it...only He knows how to shave in the world...

Great work Tony, and Sue I am looking forward to the arrival of the package.

Best Regards,

Mark the shoeshine boy
Just ordered some Almond soap in a bowl and some New Spice cologne. Can't wait to try 'er out.
Thanks for the head up Tony. Got my order in. Sorry Ron but I think I ordered the last of it. :001_tt2: Just kidding.
After several requests, I am now offering a shave soap that is 'Unscented'. Same great lather and glide but fragrance free.

Check my website in early December for holiday offers and new items. Thanks to all for your interest in my products.

Wow. I thought some of the people around here would appreciate seeing this. Rest In Peace Sue Moore! I never had the opportunity to meet Sue but when I think about how special I know she was to the people around this forum it makes me emotional. Its hard to lose people. Especially the people we love and care so much about. Let's cherish the time we get to spend with our families and with each other this holiday season. What I have found in the 3 1/2 monthes that I have been wetshaving is that this "hobby" holds some of the most generous and caring people on earth. I look forward to getting to know more of you around here at B&B. :001_smile
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