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Squeaky Progress

For all you folk who own a Progress or Mergress - does your razor creak when you adjust it? Mine sounds a bit like the dodgy suspension of a friend's old car, but it's always done that a little so I'm not sure if it's normal or not.

I get those once in awhile. Sometimes the spring is sitting just right...

A bit of mineral oil in the workings should clear it up.



I've had 4 progress razors and none of them made squeaky sounds although there was some other issues.


Not to hijack the tread and take it in a different direction, BUT :wink: I'm on the edge of buying a Progress, what were your issues?

One of them the plastic knob was cracked.

One of them the platic knob was loose from the metal piece making the number setting not true to what the adjustment really was.

Other issues include bad plating and uneven blade exposures.

Issues aside, they do give a good shave and I still recommend them.
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