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Square brush knots??

Ok this is a first for me.
Bought a Maggard 24mm two band badger knot for a handle I put a synthetic in.
The synthetic is going in a different handle for my son in law and the badger is going in this ever ready 1000.

So much to my surprise when the badger showed up my first thought was wrong knot, the box is too small. Pulled the knot out of the box, correct size knot but came out with a square pattern to it. Surprised to say the least. Small box big knot!

This is the second time a knot has arrived in the form of a square. First time was this synthetic (Shaveforge) sitting in the box for who knows how long shaped the bulb into a square. This one I have used twice, have soaked it in hot water, splayed out, then soaked with a hair tie on it and it still has a square shape to it! Guessing this one will have a square shape for it's lifetime?

Now as far as the square badger is concerned, not too worried yet. Thinking once it is set in the handle and soaked a few times it might remember it's round shape??

Is it just me or is this common to receive a square knot? These are the first two I have ever seen in over a dozen knot replacements.

Sitting over nite with a hair tie while the silicone set brought back some of the shape. Figured this one would turn out fine. Cannot wait to try the Maggard knot.

It's round again and then some! :) Going to take some getting used to! May need to set it a bit lower?

That looks really nice. Give yourself a chance to get accustomed to it before worrying about lowering the loft. Personally, I like lofty brushes, but I know I'm in the minority.
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