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Splash vs. Toner vs. Balm

I've been using one of three balms after my shaves, all by Zingari Man: Magician, Explorer, and Unscented. They soothe my face and make my skin feel moisturized and wonderful. But the scents wear off after an hour or two. I would like to enjoy a great smell for longer.

I just ordered three new soaps: WK Rebelle, Zingari The Watchman, and B&M Le Grand Chypre. If I love one or more of those scents, I would like to order companion products that give me that scent all day.

Do most people use the soap, and then just the splash? Or balm between those steps? Where does toner fit in? I would like both gentle moisturizing as well as scent. Thanks for sharing your routine!
Sir johnnylighton, TBCH, I've no idea what "most people" do!
Only what I do!
I've used splashes, balms and toners!!
No big preference for one or the other!
Simply what fits my attitude for the day!
Enjoy your journey!!

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The primary purpose of a splash, balm. toner, or serum is moisturizing and conditioning your skin following a shave. Shaving is hard on the skin, so something needs to be done to repair your skin after the shave. Some high quality shave soaps provide ingredients for that purpose, so I rarely use extra products.

While some of these products are scented, the fragrance is secondary. If you want to smell nice for hours after your shave, you will need to use a fragrance product such as a cologne, EdT or EdP. These products use more concentrated levels of scent and often use high-quality essential oils that will last for hours after application.

Fragrances are always made with three basic types of scents. First is the top notes. Those are highly volatile components that provide the aroma immediately after application. Then there are the "heart notes" which will become apparent after the most volatile components have evaporated. Finally, there are the long lasting "base notes" which can linger for hours. Thus, the aroma of a well made fragrance will change over time.

Since you are familiar with Zingari Man balm, check out the notes for their scent called No. 1. It was designed by the perfumer for Byron Parfums in France.

Top notes: Turkish Rose, Vanilla

Heart notes: Oud, Bulgarian Rose

Base notes: Sandalwood, Patchouli, Amber

If you use the shaving soap, recovery splash and balm with the same scent, the aroma should last a while.
I find I am not a fan of balm on its own as it sits to on top and if I go hiking or riding any sweat it comes off not truly absorbed (maybe some do so far the ones I have used have not)

I am preferring splash then a touch of Neutrogena Hydro Gel balm is Ok but do not like as much but using up what I have :)

did play around with balm first then splash and prefer the splash and balm/neutrogena

the toners I have tried not sure I like em :) again personal here for sure :) still want to try a few more Zingari being one of them :)
I think part of my reason for not liking them is maybe I can see them being a good one product only but I tend to want more on each side of what toners do a bit more AS splash tingle and then the super calm after of balm or Neutrogena post

as far as smell longer I would say for sure this is what cologne or go up the ranks to perfumes are for and do a better job since they are not direct on my face which I might find hard to deal with that much that close all day :)
I try to keep my routine in such a way where the aftershave splash is the bulk of the scent. First I splash on some Unscented Thayer's Witch Hazel toner and I let it dry before using my aftershave splash. In the winter months I do use a balm and I really like Nivea Sensitive as there isn't much of a scent to get in the way of my aftershave splash. I use balm after the splash.

I have not used a scented balm so unsure how long the scent would last by itself. Some aftershave splashes have a scent that lasts longer than others. I could be wrong here but if you want a longer lasting scent, try using an aftershave splash paired with an unscented balm if you want to keep reaping the benefits of a balm. Finding a paired aftershave splash isn't uncommon these days when it comes to many artisan soap brands. Better yet, pair your soap with an EDT if the option is there. I know Stirling has most of their soap scents in an EDT also. It will last for hours and hours.

Let us know what you decide.
Totally up to you to determine what works best for your skin.

My personal preference is to follow my shave with a splash. If need a moisturizer during the winter or when I am working outside, then I add a moisturizer.
Splashes, toners, and balms are not defined products. They are whatever the manufacturer says they are.

Without giving too much thought to the musings of internet ninnies, and how your skin is more delicate than snowflakes, most shavings products aren’t good for skin. That doesn’t make them bad either.

By far and large aftershave products are being used just because. If they aren’t contributing to or causing irritation, use what you want.

If you want scent, EDT or cologne/perfume will be a good option. Either applied on a thin layer of petroleum jelly will greatly extend their longevity.
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