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Splash vs After shave vs Cologne

I would really like to know the difference between a Splash and an After Shave and a Cologne. Is there or is this just marketing?

anyone know, please let me know
Splash-on refers to the method of application, not to the type of liquid. Aftershaves liquids (sometimes called lotions and not to be confused with the creamy balms or milks) are most commonly splash-ons, though sprays do exists. Colognes and the stronger EDTs are most often spays, though some are splash-ons, like the Mr. Taylor's I just picked up and some Trumpers bottles.
Aftershaves are products intended to heal the skin after a shave and make it generally healthier. Scent, if any, is a secondary consideration. They come in liquid (splash) or cream (balm) form

Cologne is perfume for men.
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