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SOTD Monday, May 8. - Sunday, May 14. !!

Shower: C&E Sandalwood body wash, Nancy Boy Shampoo, conditioner and face wash

Merkur Progress with "7AM" blade
SR-208 brush
Vulfix Sandalwood cream
Em's "balancing" AS splash
C&E sandalwood ASB

C&E Sandalwood cologne
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Edwin Jagger DE w/ Feather Platinum Blade
Simpsons Polo 10 Super
Taylor's Shave Shop Shave Cream
QEDman DaVinci Water
CAR Hydrolast Lime/Green Tea ASB

Shavemac Horn XXL Silvertip (Old style hair)
Merkur Long Handle (Loaded with a 7am blade)
Taylor St. James Shaving Cream
Taylor St. James Aftershave Splash :biggrin:
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Merkur HD/Merkur blade (new)
Vulfix #2234
Trumper's Violet shaving cream
Proraso Crema Liquida Dopobarba
QED B&B EdC (stylin'!)

Excellent shave, except for having almost completely missed a spot under my chin. Evidently I need to pay more attention to my T&C pass.

Shower: KMF/Sudz Bare Naked bath bar


Merkur Futur + Israeli Personna
Geo F. Trumper Rose
Geo F. Trumper CSF

Cologne: Armani Aqua di Gio
  • C&E Best Badger
  • Merkur HD
  • Derby Blade
  • Trumper's ROSE Shave Cream
  • Thayer's ROSE Witch Hazel
  • PRORASO Crema Liquida Dopobarba
  • Creed Green Irish Tweed
Sample tubs of cream
Stacked up flavors of the day
Rose, Almond, and more
:w00t: Wednesday, one of the best shaves I've ever had!!!:001_rolle :001_rolle

-Gillette SuperSpeed w. Merkur blade
-SCS brush
-Somerset shaving oil (arrived Wednesday afternoon)
-Cyril R. Salter Luxury shaving cream "Wild Rose" (what a great scent:w00t: )
-NB AS Cooling gel
-PH5 Eucerin cream as an extra moisturizer

Absolute well shaved now...:001_smile :001_smile

TomH said:
-Cyril R. Salter Luxury shaving cream "Wild Rose" (what a great scent:w00t: )

Salter Wild Rose is actually my favorite shaving cream period! AMAZING rose scent, and I love how close Salter creams cut!
Omega brush
Merkur Vision
Col. Conk Bay Rum shaving soap
Lubriderm unscented moisturizer
Mennen Skin Bracer Original aftershave

This Col Conk soap is really nice. I love the bay rum scent. :thumbup1: :thumbup1:

Merkur Futur w/Feather blade
Savile Row 3126 silvertip
T&H 1805 shaving cream
QED rose hydrosol
T&H 1805 ASB
T&H 1805 EDT

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Shower: Baxters Italian Lime-Pomegranite body wash and shampoo, Nancy Boy conditioner and face wash

Merkur Progress with 7AM blade
Simpsons PJ3 super
Floris JF soap
QED Lemon Verbena tonic
Baxters ASB

Floris JF soap
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Merkur HD w/ Feather
C&E Super Badger
Tom's of Maine Mint SC
Thayer's Superhazel
C&E Nomad ASB

The Tom's absolutely created the most lather I've ever seen...probably enough for a weeks worth of shaving. The lather was also amazingly slick and left a very cool sensation to the visage. That said, the scent wasn't as strong as I was hoping and expected. It reminded me of wedding mints, kind of a dry or chalky mint scent. Still, I liked it and am extremely happy that I picked this stuff up.
Stopped by the local granola store and picked up some Tom's of Maine Refreshing Mint and some Thayer Rose witch hazel toner. The store (Foods for Living) had a pretty complete line of stuff from Kiss My Face to Welda, Dr. Bronners and all the others. I should have taken pics. Anyway...

Proraso Pre/Post
Vulfix 2234
Tom's of Maine Refreshing Mint
Merkur Futur with Merkur blade on shave #4
Thayer Rose Toner
Feather ASB

The Tom's had a pleasant scent, but I could not get the toothpaste vision out of my head - smells like toothpaste, looks like toothpaste, comes in a toothpaste tube. Yes, I picked up the shave cream. :biggrin: The lather was so so - a lot like Proraso in the green tube. The shave was outstanding though and it cuts close. Followed with the Thayer Rose and thought about old ladies and then with the Feather ASB. Great shave today, very smooth.

Merkur Progress w/ Feather blade
Vulfix 2234
Taylor's Rose
Trumper's Coral Skin Food

Skipped a day yesterday, so today's shave was especially good. 3+ passes ended up yielding BBS results.

GFT Sandalwood
Adjust. Gillette /Fresh Swedish Gillette blade.
Arko shave stick (used it on pass 3 directly on face to have extra lube )
Alex DEO
Thayers Witchhazel Lavender
Daily Natural moisturiser by CLear&Smooth
Face wash CLear&Smooth
QED "101" EDP (sample) Very very Citrus very cool...:thumbup1:
Shower: KMF Bare Naked glycerin bar


KMF Bare Naked glycerin bar
Pure grade badger brush
Merkur Futur
Israeli blade
Nivea Sensitive A/S balm

The bar soap lathered very quickly and the lather certainly looked nice, but didn't perform all too well. I'll stick with my creams and soaps made specifically for shaving.

If this were ANY other day, I would have definately razor burned myself, but I showed something this morning never before witnessed since my foray into wetshaving....restraint!!!
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