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SOTD Monday Jan 30 - Sunday Feb 05

Schick E3 with ASR CrPt
Edwin Jagger for Crabtree and Evelyn Superbadger
êShave Floral Shaving Cream
QED DaVinci Water
êShave Soother Aftershave Cream
Patchouli con raiz de Crusellas
Shower: Baxters Italian Lime-pomegranite bodywash, shampoo, conditioner, and face wash

Merkur Slantbar with Feather blade
Shavemac "Scotto Special" brush
Floris JF soap
Neroli hydrosol
D.R. Harris Aftershaving Milk

Floris JF EdT


I keep forgetting how good the Floris soaps are - top notch stuff!!
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Merkur Progress w/Merkur blade
Edwin Jagger for C&E super badger
C&E Nomad shaving cream
QEDman DaVinci water
C&E Nomad ASB
C&E Noman EDT


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Stjynnkii membörd dummpsjterd
Merkur HD with Feather
Vulfix 376
Taylor Sandalwood cream
Em's witch hazel
C&E sandalwood asb

Nice to see some of the experts enjoying Crusellas here.

Merkur Futur w/Derby blade
Bic Metal for touchups
Simpson PJ1 (best)
St. Charles Shave New Spice soap
C&E Sienna a/s balm

New Spice spritz

Nice shave. No irritation but a few nicks on the chin. Smooth and clean shave.

my shower
my shave:
Omega brush
Merkur Vision
Charles Tyrwhitt lemon and cedar shaving cream (review to come)
Lubriderm unscented moisturiser
Aramis edt

Schick E3 with ASR CrPt*
Kent BK-12 Silvertip
êShave White Tea Shave Cream
QED Lavender Water
êShave White Tea Aftershave Cream
Crusellas Tobacco Colonia (Not shown in photo)


High Bump Ostrich by Rios of Mercedes​

*My beard must be acclimating, this 3rd shave with this antique injector was an "A" shave.
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Stjynnkii membörd dummpsjterd
Edwin Jagger for C&E
C&E sandalwood soap
Da Vinci
D. R. Harris a/s milk

Ron- I'll admit I have a weak spot for Crusellas, but tobacco? It interferes with the aroma from my pipe!
Shower: C&E Nomad body wash (as shampoo also), Baxters conditioner and face wash

Merkur Slantbar with Feather blade
Edwin Jagger for C&E best badger
Provence Sante' Verlaine soap
Provence Sante' Green Tea Aftershave

Provence Sante' Green Tea Cologne


Man, this PS soap is slick - amazing stuff.
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Given my sick desire to get a Fusion, I decided to give a different cartridge razor a try today to see if it is really worth pursuing. This is the first time I've used a high quality brush/cream combo with a cartidge razor.

QED Lime Soap
Shavemac 220 Brush
Gillette Sensor
Baxter's ASB

I pulled the Sensor out from the dark recesses of my bathroom. It was a new cartidge, though it's been sitting in a drawer for at least 6-8 years. I had a really close shave yesterday, so today's wasn't much of a challange. It came out decent, but the shave itself felt like a garage sale 45 record being played on a turntable with a rusty needle. I thought I was going to have major irritation, but didn't. Tomorrow I'll pop a new blade in the M3 and repeat. This may be something to keep handy for days when I can't take the time for 3+ slow DE passes.
my shower
my shave:
Kent brush
Dovo straight razor
E-Shave cucumber shaving cream
Lubriderm unscented moisturiser
Perry Ellis Red edt

I find E-Shave cucumber actually cools the skin while I'm shaving. It's nice!

Crabtree and Evelyn Hair and Body Wash - Sandalwood
Crabtree and Evelyn Sandalwood Shaving Soap
Hess Forty-Four Str8 on loan from Lynn Abrams
Schick Injector to finish up

QED DaVinci Water

George Trumper's Sandalwood Cologne


We're having steamed blue crabs for dinner!! WOO HOO!
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Schick E3 Injector with ASR CrPt*
Shavemac Seiffenschaummeister
êShave Floral Shave Cream
êShave Soother Aftershave Cream
J&E Atkinsons Guajaco Wood EdT

*Another "A" Shave "A" mazing
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