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As I’m sure I’ve mentioned in every post that I’ve made here at B&B, I’m fairly new to world of classic wetshaving. I still haven’t decided if it is a hobby, an interest, a way of life, an obsession, or perhaps an illness; but I like this weird & wonderful world more and more with each shave.

My problem (of the morning) is as follows: it appears that there are approximately 1,200 products that I am just dieing to try (not including brushed and blades) but my budget says, “NO!” (and it says so in a very convincing and authoritative voice). In several posts here I’ve noticed people mentioning “samples” of this or that and I’m curious; how exactly do you convince somebody to give you samples of their wonderful and expensive products, and how much more difficult would it be to get these samples if you happen to live hundreds (or thousands) of miles away from most of the best retailers (and in most cases, in a different country – Canada)? Anybody have any ideas as to how I might score some freebies (or at least some really cheap-ies)?

Probably the easiest is to Google the companies you're interested in, go to their website, and they will have an option to contact them. Tell them you're new to wetshaving and ask if they would be willing to send samples of their products for you to try. Most are very accommodating.

Suggestions would be:

George F. Trumpers
Taylor's of Old Bond Street
and I believe Emily at Em's place will possible send samples as well.

good luck

Jerry's got the right idea. You can easily go to the major dealer's websites, go to their CONTACT US page and e-mail a request for a sample.

Truefitt & Hills' Brittney Jansen ([email protected]) is very quick to send samples. Trumpers sends samples too ([email protected]) but it takes about a month to get them. As far as I know, Taylor's does not.

Just be nice in the e-mail (I usually offer to pay postage) and they'll accomodate you
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