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Some of my personal brushes for sale!

Rudy Vey

I have a huge selection of brushes, and some do not get much or any face time. The decision was made to sell them off.
Here they are:
A Semogue 1305 Boar and a Semogue Owners Club in Super badger; I like to sell them both together.
Price is $85 and shipping in CONUS is included

Second is a Simpson Chubby 1 in Best. It has seen as many as maybe 15-20 uses, did not shed a hair, and it is a very nice, soft Best quality (Simpson Best is a hit and miss, but this one is superb!!)
Price is $95 incl shipping in CONUS SOLD

Thirds, show in the same picture as the Chubby, is a Shavenook LE (I think it was 2013). A Shavemac Beehive in finest hair (brush was not used more than 5 times).
Price is $55 incl Shipping in CONUS SOLD

Last but not least, a Plisson knot that I removed from the handle and the metal cup to set it deeper to make a it a functioning brush (the Plisson in its original is a very limp, floppy and moppy brush, however, set deeper like this it is a very nice face lather brush).
It has the "Dark Knight" handle and is engraved with my logo.
Price is $65 incl Shipping in CONUS SOLD

All these brushes have not seen much use! They are price at 25% under their regular price (I used West Coast Shavings prices). Shipping in CONUS is done via First Class mail, outside the USA, please contact me for a shipping quotation.

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