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I buy dr brohners magic soap. It is a castile soap. I have bought it in both bar and liquid form. It works as a great moisturizing body wash and have used it in a pinch for shaving. You can also mix it to use as a household cleaner. Pretty neat stuff. I usually use the one with eucalyptus oil in it.
I've tried several soaps recently, with scent currently being the guiding factor. If anything dried me up or I had a reaction to them then I'd stop using them, but I'm happy to keep exploring at the moment.

So far I've tried (several) Claus Porto, 4711, Floris 89, Musgo Real Orange Amber (really enjoyed this one), TOBS Jermyn Street, D R Harris Arlington, Speick.

I've got several others to try, including more Claus Porto, TOBS Sandalwood, and Swedish Dream.
I use D.R. Harris tallow based shampoo bar as my soap and shampoo. Most soaps feel like they leave residue....maybe it's the water I have. I don't like most other shampoo bars but I am really excited to try mikes new shampoo bars when I run out.

So why do you buy the soap and shampoo bar that you use?

Cuz I dig soaps. I have a bunch of different soaps for different reasons - much the same way a lot of us collect shaving creams or soaps, razors, brushes, aftershaves, etc. To me, bath soap is another part of my grooming regimen, one that I put as much thought and consideration into as any other.

My current FOTM is River Soap Company Lavender. It is a natural-lavender scent bomb! Seriously, it's the best smelling lavender soap I've encountered, and I've encountered a lot. It's also reasonably priced and available at B&M stores near me.
I have a serious AD with bar soaps. I probably have 15 bars of the Omega Sulfur alone.
No idea how many assorted hand/bath soap bars I have.
I spent $95 on a box of just assorted bar soap at Italian Barber a month ago. No shaving gear in the box at all.
Yes I am heading in to soap AD just love the scents and quality feel compared to what I was used to. Similar to getting in to WS products.
Since I prep with a hot shower before my shave, I like it be just as pleasant as the shave will be.

Grandpa's Sandalwood. I like it for the smell and it doesn't leave me as dry as the popular commercial brands.

J.R. Ligett's Old Fashioned Bar Shampoo Herbal Formula. Rosemary, Lavender, and Cedarwood. Smells so good. And I only have to use it every other day. I've been using the same bar for months.

I have so many soaps I want to try, just like with shaving, there are too many to try. I look forward to trying some of the ones others have listed so far.
I have a serious soap AD. I'm buying more than I am using...!

I travel a lot, and I tend to pick up soaps 'to try' from all over the place.

In a supermarket, if something looks interesting or smells good, I'm going to give it a try. I also check out stores like TK Maxx (or TJ Maxx depending on where I am) and also some of the online places like Crabtree and Evelyn because they some times have good online deals. Another useful source are places like Asian grocery stores, I got a couple of interesting soaps from a Chinese store for about 70 cents a bar the other week.

Interestingly, my favorite two soaps came from hotels.. I like the Peter Thomas Roth soap which Hilton uses, but my top favorite is Hermes Orange (I think it's black orange), the smell is out of this world, and it lingers on my skin. It was in a hotel in Bordeaux, and I managed to blag a few extras.. I looked into getting some online...wow it's expensive stuff.

As I'm typing this, I'm thinking I could probably survive a 2014 sabbatical, but I don't have that kind of will power..
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