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Soap With Most Glycerin Content? Help!

Being a newcomer I just had to jump in and try out some of the methods and start wet shaving.

I tried using a bar of Ivory soap along with a Van Der Hagen's cheap boar bristle brush and got a nice clean shave(I do recall seeing an uncle one time using a bar of red Lifebuoy soap to shave with-tried it and quickly forgot it-dried out your skin like a mummy).

Then I picked up a bar of ClearlyNatural glycerine soap at a health food store that I was passing by...fantastic stuff! I got a nice smooth shave. The Mach3 glided over my face and I rinsed off with cold water and my skin feels and looks better than it ever did with foam.

This has started me on an odyssey looking for quality glycerine soap.

Are there any glycerine soaps that folks here recommend? Some soaps do not list the content of glycerine they contain so you do not know what % of glycerine you are buying.

Any recommendations anyone for a good high content glycerine soap?
Mr. Squirrel (do you have a name?)

There are lots of good glycerin soaps out there. Hard to beat QED's scents and shave. Other options include Classic Shaving, Em's, Colonel Conk, Will G (eBay), the list goes on.

Also, if you haven't tried hard soaps in the Truefitt & Hill, Harris, or even Saint Charles Shave vein, you are missing out. These are superior in various ways to glycerin soaps in my not-so-humble-opinion

As you can see, there are lots of choices in soaps. Feel free to ask more detailed questions and you'll get SCADs (pun intended) of advice
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