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Sling bags for men - yes or no

The search for a briefcase will take awhile. I don't wish to rush into a decision. A small backpack we have for travel has been the interim solution. Noticed that I only ever use one strap, pretty much like my college days so very long ago. This led me to ponder sling bags. What are the thoughts about them for men? Men over 50 make any difference?

Curious to hear opinions.


I've used one, used to get teased about my "murse', but one bag with lunch, coffee, water, work needs, etc., versus the other guys carrying multiple bags won out for me. Now as a daily carry everywhere? Probably not.

I've been carrying one of these for about 30 years.

Very comfortable, the load will self-adjust no matter how heavy it is. It has lots and lots of pockets, inside and out. And it holds a HUGE amount of stuff, I've never been able to overload it.

These are a little on the expensive side, but they are worth it. It is tough and rugged, after 30 years, there are no rips or tears, the zippers still work, and the strap is just barely fraying around the edges.


A little poofier than I prefer
Do you wear a suit or sportcoat much? Shoulder loads can be hard them. Otherwise, why not? Go for it. A bicycle messenger bag is another option that looks less like a "murse", if you're concerned about that.


I use a leather one made by Barbour daily to carry my laptop and other things I need for work. It works excellently for me.

Rusty Blade

Can someone post a pic of a sling bag so we can all know what we are talking about...I know what a knapsack is and a briefcase...sling bag is a new one for me.
Perhaps something like a messenger bag, or satchel, something with a shoulder strap. Some briefcases could possibly apply here if they have a shoulder strap or cross body strap.


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IMG_1788.PNG I carry this one but in black. It has a pouch for concealed carry. Fits all of my necessary items when we are out for the day.
Overthinking it. You're a man. Carry what you want. Stop looking for social reassurance that it's OK to do what you want to do. Buck up.
Using shoulder bags which have evolved into messenger type bags since the early 70's. Do have a sling bag but not nearly as convenient to get at things while wearing and moving about as with a messenger bag and nowhere near the capacity. A messenger bag can be worn much like a sling bag.