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Sling bags for men - yes or no


Doesn't rain here as much but I've been drenched once already. Which Tom Bihn bag do you use?
I have been using Tom's bags for work and travel for a long time.

My travel bags are the Western Flyer and the Aeronaut 45 (both with more than 500,000 miles and still looking great)! My work bag is a Pilot that functions well for me. Tom Binh is very high quality, durable and extremely well thought out in my opinion.
This is what I carry everyday. Has a zippered compartment for a laptop, enough room for the basics (pens, notebook, charger, etc) in a second open compartment, feels pretty sturdy so far, and doesn't look too much like a purse.

I think I will stick with my Saddleback large satchel. The orientation, horizontal more than vertical like the messenger bag works better for me. The shoulder strap is long enough to be worn cross body much like the sling bag, and still looks more traditional and masculine. Those teardrop, sculpted sling bags just don't do it for me.


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Many moons ago I was gifted with a briefcase given to me by an IRS-CID Agent with whom I worked on occasion. It is/was IRS official issue and I have to say it did one hell of a job. Since retiring it sees little use but I have no doubt I could put it back into full service tomorrow with no worry.
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IMG_1126.JPG Yes...the holster was built into the bag design. We were carrying Sig Sauers. P228...very similar to this P229 I currently own. The pistol in the bag is a S&W 9mm Shield. Works well for that one also.


Needs milk and a bidet!
Carry what ever is practical for you. For me, no thanks. I simply don't need one. Everything I carry fits in my pockets. I suppose if I needed to carry more I'd use some sort of bag though.

I don't buy in to the whole socially acceptable fashion crud. If I want to wear white and it just happens to be after labor day so be it. If I got a lot to carry and need a bag, so be it. If I feel like wearing a cowboy hat with shorts, darn right I'm gonna.

So if you want a sling bag and you're a dude, go for it. It's just a darn bag.
Nobody has a Maxpedition Versapack or Fatboy?

Ideal camera bag, BOB, etc.

I've got a maxpedition Sitka gearslinger but it's mostly for dayhikes, theme parks or a lightly packed weekend. Not edc or for work.
When I do go out of my office for work I carry a Swiss Army messenger bag with a shoulder strap but I don't think that's what we're talking about here.
I just got one of these in the small size, but in a different color, Timbuk2 Classic Messenger Bag Amazon.com: Timbuk2 Classic Messenger Bag: Sports & Outdoors.

I can fit my 13" laptop in there, a Fujifilm X100T, some meds that I always carry, eye drops, spare battery stick, earbuds, cell phone charger and some other small items. I still have room for other things if needed, like a small umbrella, 12-16 oz drink and some fruit/snacks. I could probably get a rain parka in there as well, not one that's lined, just a shell. It isn't big or bulky and fits nicely into the small of my back when I wear it as messenger bags are worn. When I have the shoulder strap on one shoulder (not across my chest) it doesn't feel big. When commuting on a bus I can have it on my lap without it feeling like it's out of place due to size. I'm quite happy with it.

And since it sounds like you need a temporary solution, the price won't break the bank.
Thanks. Thats a damn nice bag.
It's spend for sure, bu for something I use almost everyday ferrying papers to and from work it's not too bad. Had it for 4 years and it's pretty much pristine...

My favorite thing about it is how flexible it is. The straps are attached with pretty beefy clips and coverts to a book bag. The extra d-rings allows other stuff to be clipped in. I have my cpr mask, water bottles ect attached and just hanging of the side for quick access.

I wouldn't use it for hiking or anything physical like that, but for an everyday carry around its perfect. I thought it'd be too heavy, but the weight is nicely balanced.
Messenger bags are very popular in Europe, and Mallorca is no exception
Over here the bag is usually "worn" with the strap across the chest - unfortunately there are people over here who make a living out of snatching bags.
I personally use a small bag that is just big enough to hold my passport and sunglasses

Carry-on style shoulder bags with a strap are a good option too - I use one for carrying padded envelopes to the post office

I've also got a backpack which is big enough to hold a 17" laptop - plus a lot more besides !!

Having said all that, I think the best all round option would be a laptop holder with extra compartments and a shoulder strap.................
Whether wearing a 3-piece suit or jeans and a t-shirt, you'll never look out of place carrying a laptop holder because so many people live, breathe eat and sleep online
Even if you aren't carrying a laptop in it, there's ample space to carry your paperwork
Now if I can find it? I have a kind of sling bag that could double up as a belt bag too for those occasions when I didn`t want to lug a knappsack around. I found it very handy but now where did I place it!?


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I will usually carry a small camera bag, with or without a camera in it. Look at the offerings from Billingham and Ona. They make some nice looking stuff that is not at all feminine.


I use the Troop London classic messenger bag. I put a homemade insert in it and use it for a camera bag. Its just right for a mirrorless camera and a couple of lenses if I need them. I like it a lot better than the usual camera bags. The only drawback is that its too small for my laptop. They ship worldwide.

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I am intrigued. I guess I usually carry a older computer leather computer bag that is really too big for my purposes. It has a shoulder strap that I do not much like. Cross shoulder it looks pretty bad and it does not stay very well on a near shoulder. Messenger bags look like they would have the same problem to me. I sometimes use a sort of day pack back pack and tend to use only one of the shoulder straps because using both is a pain to get on and off and gives the look of off to classes in high school. See 21 Jump Street.
The idea of something smaller designed to be worn cross shoulder has some appeal. One of those things style-wise I do not think I want to be an early adopter for though. I do seem to be spending a lot of time in airports these days though, and that laptop bag and/or day pack are starting to bug me!
I have glued a piece of hard felt to shoulder strap pads to make them stay up better. An old Dell laptop bag had the best pad that I've ever used.