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I'm not sure how anyone else does it, but I find that using the slant for me makes using the J-Hook technique feel natural. I never had tried the J-Hook technique until I bought a Slant and like I said it almost came natural. I didn't feel "dangerous". :biggrin:
I think the J-hook method is a way to shave those pesky whiskers that grow in odd directions, so it that regard, it is not the same as using a Slant.
With respect to what? Technique employed? Results/closeness?

In terms of technique, they are two different things. Now, with regard to closeness it depends; there are some who swear by j-hooking and there are others who believe that a slant is the epitome of shaving.

Actually more people compare the Slant shave to the (Gillette) Slide technique.
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