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Slant Bar

Just wondered if the Merkur slant bar would be suitable for sensative skin?

Had been told it was!!


I have no doubt that with proper technique and the right blade combination, the Slant could work for just about anybody. Lee's Razors labels it as being for sensitive skin. That being said, I find it a very aggressive razor, and I'm glad it was not my first DE!

I got a slant after a few months with the HD classic, and for me, the slant gives a closer shave with less irritation, so "aggressive" is in the eye of the beholder, I suppose. The more open end of the blade does have a lot of blade exposure, and no lie, but it does shave pretty well...
I just had my third shave today with my Slant Bar, and so far not a single nick or cut. In fact, I think next time I'll put a blade in it.

In fact, it gives beautiful shaves (even without a blade---just kidding), but you obviously use light pressure, short strokes, and pay attention. I also do multiple passes, sort of creeping up on the final against-the-grain pass---by the time I get there, it goes quite well.

I like the razor so much, in fact, that I'm selling the one I have (in chrome) because I'll be getting one in gold today. It, along with the Vision, is my razor of choice when I really want a BBS shave.

I do take extra care with the prep---but I should anyway---and the first time I shaved with it, I used the Proraso pre-/post-shave cream.

I use a Feather blade. This combination---Slant Bar with Feather blade---works for everyone.

Again, just kidding: YMMV. And again: good prep, very light pressure, short strokes, pay attention.
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