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FS Single Ring, NEW, Futur, and a Frankenrazor!

I'm decluttering a bit and submit the following for your consideration:

--Gillette 1909 Single Ring (SN A924073) with Case-- $50

20180919_195105.jpg 20180919_195122.jpg 20180919_195208.jpg 20180919_195248.jpg 20180919_202613.jpg 20180919_202628.jpg

The razor is an excellent shaver. One interior tooth is ever so slightly bent that I couldn't really even get it to show on the photos. The top cap is a bit roughed up, but the rest is in good shape. As you can see, the interior of the case is in much better shape than the exterior.

--Gillette NEW, Short Comb with Case-- $30

20180919_194928.jpg 20180919_194957.jpg 20180919_195035.jpg

The top cap is a bit roughed up, but the rest of the razor is in quite decent shape. No bent teeth. The case is pretty roughed up (see photos in the next post), but it closes well and holds together.

--Merkur Futur, brushed chrome-- $40


This is used, but it is in like new condition. Other than the fact that I no longer have the box, you would be hard pressed to tell the difference between this razor and a new one.

--Frankenrazor-- $10 (or free to the first person to buy one of the above) (Pics in the next post)

I have a Long Comb NEW that actually has a top cap from a '46-'50 Tech. The Tech top cap is virtually identical to a NEW top cap, except for the diamond arrow Gillette logo on it. So, it all fits together just wonderfully, so it's technically a Frankenrazor. This one makes for a great travel razor or just a cheap, fun way to get a NEW in your arsenal.

--Whole Lot Price-- $100, and it's all yours! If you want only 2 of the 3, I'll knock off $10 from the combined price for those 2.

--Shipping-- $7 if buying only 1 item. Actual cost if buying more than 1 (I'll figure out the safest, cheapest way to pack them and let you know the cost, but I insist on USPS Priority for tracking and insurance). CONUS only for single items. I'll do international/APO only for larger purchases--shipping at buyer's cost. I'll figure out shipping prior to expecting payment.
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