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Simpson on sale!

Hello All: The following Simpson Brushes are "on sale" and only one or two pieces in stock:
Polo #8 Best
Milk Churn Best
Emperor #1 Super
" #2 Super
" #3 Super
Tulip #1 Super
Tulip #2 Super
Harvard #2 Best
Harvard #6 Best
Persian Jar #1 Best
Commodore X1 Best
" " X2 Best
" " X3 Best
The Colonel Best
Prices are so low I cannot publish them.
First come, First served!
Please email to [email protected] OR call 800.503.5001
Thank you!
Jump on this one guys. Lee's a great guy to do business with. His prices are rock bottom and you'll get a great brush to boot! Yes I'm a bit biased - love my Simpsons. :biggrin:
joel said:
Hey fellas - you know, it is my b-day in less than a week :laugh:

Congratulations, and a early Happy Birthday to you. Like Jimmy Buffet says, "If The Phone Doesn't Ring, It's Me".:ohmy:

Randy (the man has a brush for every day of the month and wants more...sheeeesh...)
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