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Sign of the RAD

I think I may have the RAD ... razors multiplying in my bathroom cabinet ... initially 1 Merkur HD ... grown to include some Gems, Merkur 37C, Gillette SS and Slim, Feather portable, and I just ordered the razor to end all RAD ... the EJ 89L :ohmy: I mean, the good people in a EJ 89L thread here wouldn't trick me into buying this razor, would they? Would they? :confused:

I would like to say that the razors are all in my current rotation, but some more so than others :tongue: I quite like the 37C at front and center of the below picture at the moment :biggrin:

I love my 37C, but I really can't shave with it more than once or twice a week. The rest of the week, I use either a Long Black Handle Adjustable or a Ball End Tech.
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