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'She once was an ugly duckling'

With feathers all stubby and brown


I’m not such an ugly duckling
No feathers all stubby and brown
For in fact these birds in so many words said
The best in town, the best, the best
The best in town

Here's a slightly doctored one for fun

The case is either gun metal or

What do you think?
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Be interested on Mr Razors thoughts, as to whether the case is gun metal or painted (probably too hard to say from a photo)

Here is a 1909 catalog picture. I would say, it´s a 501-A ABC Gun Metal Pocket Edition. Is there a serial number inside the base plate?:


  • $Pocket Edition ABC No501 A 1909.jpg
    $Pocket Edition ABC No501 A 1909.jpg
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Super nice razor! Are you considering getting it re-plated?
Thanks, no the plating is still pretty good so I'll keep it original, the box interior is in poor nick so that might get some attention.
Something to look forward to in the 'rotation' in think:biggrin1:
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