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Shaving WTG, XTG and ATG


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I am just curious at this stage as I do not ATG yet.

Is shaving WTG/XTG/ATG the same for a straight vs DE? Do I need to consider all the angles or I can do the simple N-S pass to cut those whiskers? I guess I can do a N-S but it won't shave as closely?

Most videos on Youtube show a N-S pass for WTG.

Thanks for your input.

I use exactly the same system for str8s as with DEs.
XTG (Nose to ear)
XTG (Ear to nose)

But as with DEs, if your not used to it, save the ATG for a few weeks till your hand is skilled at doing the other two no troubles.


p.s. and yes ATG will be closer.
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