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Shaving in Moscow? How about Amsterdam?

Good evening all, I am on vacation in Russia for the next week and will be in Moscow during the last few days. With that in mind, I want to know if anyone has any great shops / stores to buy good shaving supplies. I am always looking for straight razors but some good creams / soaps might be nice to pick up. Any referals would be greatly appreciated!!

P.S - A 20 hour layover in Amsterdam - looking for advice in that city too!!


I didn't find any good shaving places in Amsterdam, but there is a great old cigar and pipe store called PGC Hajenius. Of course, there are the coffee shops and whorehouses....:001_unsur
George, not that I'm such an authority, but Florena is a very popular shaving cream in Russia. It's made in Germany, comes in a dark blue tube, and lathers very well, smells nice, and gives excellent skincare. I live in Canada, and almost every drugstore here carries it, and it's not expensive at all--3.50-3.95 CDN for a 100ml tube, which ain't too shabby. If you're looking for a DE or a straight razor, you might pay big bucks, or rubles in Moscow.

I don't know about amsterdam, but near amsterdam (20 minutes by train I guess) is a city called Leiden. It has a barbershop which sells lot of stuff. You can check out their website to see what they sell: www.scheerwinkel.nl
The site is in dutch obviously, but you'll find their address under contact. Enjoy your stay in the netherlands.
Flanderkijn in Leiden is a good shop, but the best is Kox in Breukelen, also 20 minutes away by train, although you will require a bus to take you there from the station. (Walking is about 30 to 40 minutes, but it's a nice walk over a major canal and going through the old city center of Breukelen.)

Amsterdam itself is poorly stocked, I'm afraid, and what little there is, is distributed across the city in small and in my opinion unexpected stores. You could visit Skins in the Runstraat. La Savonnerie may or may not have a few soaps for sale. And ManMAN Beautycare had a few items of Acca Kappa on offer the last time I was there (in 2008 or so :001_cool:).
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