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Shaving Cream (Seasonal) Scents


Jason K

I know scents are a personal preference.

However, what scents generally correspond to specific seasons/climates?

Another words, what scents does one use during the Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer

Jason K
Ooh, good topic. I like to do the seasonality thing, but there is nothing sacred. I have so many soaps and creams I cycle through them all, but here are some good combos for you:

Summer: QED Lime soap. Nothing better. Finish off with Taylor's Victorian Lime.
Fall: L'Occitane shave soap (juniper) + L'Occitant Vetyver. Perfect combo
Spring: Taylor's Lavender or Rose creams + Atkinson's English Lavender
Winter: Something cologne scented, like T&H Trafalgar and accompanying EdT. Or something very moisturizing like Taylor's Avocado

I'm with Scotto in that I don't have any hard and fast rules, or restrict usage based on season (I don't have enough goodies to be so discerning. :wink: ), but I definitely have preferences based on the time of year/weather/temp outside.

For me, it basically breaks into two categories:

1. Refreshing/cooling/lighter scents
2. Warming/heartier/robust scents

When I wake up, and it's already 80 degrees outside... in the morning (thanks California), I want something that's not going to stick in the nostrils. My favorite summertime cream is Salter Mint, the smell is light, refreshing, and cooling. The milder, more neutral scented stuff I can use any time. When I wake up in the winter, and it's 30-40 degrees outside (no scoffing you Minnesotans, and Mainiacs), I want something that's going to say "it's ok Nick, come on out of bed, a nice, soothing, warm shave awaits you."

After sampling several creams and their scents, I have found that I like a "Mood Set" of creams.

What I mean is that I basically have four cream catagories that corospond to my moods the mornings.

1) Bright upbeat, looking forward to the day - Tart scents like Limes and Peppermint

2) Consoling, depressed - Rose and floral scents that pamper your face and nostrils

3) Dressy, out-on-the-town - Manly scents, cologned scented creams

4) Everyday usage - Soapy or lightly scented neutral scents

My first cream purchases fitting these "moods" were:

1) Nancy Boy - T&H West Indian Limes (was a gift)
2) Taylor's Rose - Trumper's Violet
3) Taylor's Mr. Taylor - Endymion Shaving Cream
4) Taylor's Avocado


Great topic. I am very seasonal with my shave products, along with my EDT's and other things (foods, pipe tobaccos, etc..)

In the spring & summer time, I'm looking for a cream/soap that provides plenty of moisture and has a nice light airy fragrance. I enjoy using citrus & floral type creams/soaps in the spring & summer, whereas in the autumn months, my taste shifts more towards the more complex fragrances. In the winter time is usually when I use the heaviest & complex fragrances.

My colognes are similar..the spring/summer I like crisp, floral, fresh & invigorating fragrances. Autumn/Winter, I prefer more intense musks, leathers, tobaccos, earthtones.
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