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Shavetools.com 2.0. Better, stronger, faster!


Shavetools.com is pleased to announce that our new and vastly improved site is now live. The new site is far more powerful and offers numerous upgrades. Here are a just a few of the improvements already in place; expect to see even more in the coming weeks.

1. Orders are much easier to place now. We have a new checkout process with time saving features like guest and 1 page checkout. International orders are streamlined now, too, so checking out is equally easy, whether you live in New Zealand or New York City.

2. Lots of new products. We've added the new formula of Proraso pre post in both white and green, as well as their aftershave balm to our lineup. Additionally, we've added Palmolive and La Toja Shaving sticks, as well as Weishi razors.

3. An even better looking site with Improved Facebook and social network integration. Not only are there buttons to share your favorite products with your friends on twitter and Facebook, but our Facebook Page now has a shopping links that lets you look over some of our most popular products from within Facebook its self.


Shavetools.com is pleased to announce that we now carry beard and moustache care products, as well as apothecary mugs, and shaving bowls. Additionally, Injector blades are back in stock!

Here's a picture of some Moustache Wax

Here's a picture of the new Santa Fe Shaving Bowl

And here's one of the Apothecary Mug


Shavetools.com is pleased to announce that we have added DR Harris Arlington soap in the mahogany bowl, as well as DR Harris Arlington cream to our selection of DR Harris products. We have also added an attractive new onyx shaving bowl, the Groomate Platinum XL trimmer, and, last but not least, two Merkur travel razors: their original travel razor in its leather case, and their bakelite travel razor.

Here's a picture of the new shaving bowl.

Here's one of the DR Harris bowl.

Finally here is one of the Groomate Platinum XL.
Thumbs up to Shavetools! I purchased a Vie-Long brush on-line last Friday. It was shipped the same day and arrived in the mail today (Monday). I got a great price too!!!


Shavetools.com is pleased to announce that we have added the beautiful Muehle Kosmo Silvertip Fibre shaving brush, as well as the Merkur 15001 (aka the 15c), and the gold plated version of the Merkur Futur.

We have also restocked a few popular products that were low or out of stock: shaving towels, Lucky Tiger Pomade, and Infalab Styptic Liquid (now in the new and improved green formula)

The new Kosmo brush

The Merkur 15C
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