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Shavemac Pure???

Has anyone out there tried a Shavemac Pure badger brush. I KNOW some of you have. And I want the scoop - What is is like? I am seriously thinking of getting one. I love my Shavemac Finest, but I am thinking that the Pure might be a little stiffer, which I would like. I would especially like comparisons to any of the other brushes I have (Shavemac Finest, Simpson PJ3 Super, Vulfix 41 Super, Vulfix Pure). I am hoping that since it is handmade, it would be a little softer tipped than the machine cut Vulfix Pure, as well as much more dense, but with the same stiffness. (Ok, I admit that I partly have a fantasy that this might come close in performance to my Simpson Super, with perhaps just a little more scrub, at <half the price)

I don't really like the small size that the Pures come in, so I am thinking of having Bernd make me one in this handle. Probably in a different color though - I have enough imitation ivory handles.
I have all three grades of Shavemac badger, and I do like the pure grade very much. The pure is interesting, it is nice and srubby but retains what feels to be a smaller foot print due to the light bulb shape. I can highly recommend the pure, and think that it is a great brush for when you want that extra scrubbing action. The pure grade also works equally well with soap or cream.
Cheers, DJ.

From left to right..pure, finest, silvertip, all brushes are 23mm...........except for the GIANT Trumper brush.
Thanks DJ, I was kinda hoping you would chime in. I am actually trying to decide whether I would want a 26mm, or something bigger (28-30). Definitely sounds like the pure might be worth trying....
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